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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Recent Reports

Date Location State Placard# Lic Plate
03/05/15San DiegoCAN/A7GSL781 view
03/04/15San Fran...CAUnkown6ZUS808 view
03/04/15CharlotteNCNoneGA Temp view
03/04/15LacyWA00000000AQA5375 view
03/04/15Culver C...CAG6262695738750 view
03/04/15WalnutCANo plac...7GDG580 view
03/03/15BartlettTNp9179208L0901Y view
03/03/15Los Ange...CAUnknown5BZG414 view
03/03/15DallasTXB021251...DDS1996 view
03/02/15MillburnNJ671901L21-CUX view
03/02/15MilwaukeeWI453TKL453TKL view
03/02/15VauxhallNJNONEM62 DMS view
03/02/15VauxhallNJNONEL79 DKV view
03/01/15ITASCAILnonee548748 view
03/01/15AmeliaOH3w57314Fvp7560 view
02/28/15HollywoodCAG5240476psa354 view
02/28/15San JoseCAH 1414876LCC610 view
02/28/15BurbankCAH 0873676KBW630 view
02/28/15WatertownMNCan...830-HNM view
02/28/15Walnut C...CAn/a6GVH698 view
02/28/15OrlandoFLA7784089G178ZK view
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State Responses

Hawaii Florida
Handicapped Parking Fraud Handicapped Parking Fraud
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Handicappedfraud.org was launched as a community service effort to end the misuse of handicapped parking spaces and placard fraud. The disabled have run out of places to park, as their designated handicapped parking spaces are being taken by fraudulent individuals. Our cities are being robbed of metered parking revenue to this abuse as well. The police are far too valuable and busy to stake out parking lots to ticket handicapped parking violators. The abusers go largely unpunished. It's time for our community to become the ambassadors for our cities, and report handicapped parking violators when they see it.

Handicapped Parking Fraud

We are Making a Difference!

I have received many questions about "who is looking", and "what is happening" with our handidapped parking posts? I'll admit it's not a fast process to assist and improve a government system that's been overburdened and difficult to enforce for so many years. But I am happy to say that the police at the San Francisco Investigative Team of DMV are taking notice, and using our information.

They also noted that there has been noticeably LESS handicapped parking abuse in the San Francisco area since our coverage in October. They feel people are changing bad habits, and there are more open spaces for legitimate placard holders. This is excellent news. Our next stop is a meeting in Sacramento, where we can make a larger impact. They have also been fielding calls from multiple counties and police departments wanting more information about handicapped parking. They were especially supportive of our "non-confrontational" message, and our recognition that disabilities come in all forms.

We will also be adding (for California reports) an optional form that will be sent directly to the investigation team, which will allow "non-anonymous" posts, which can be prosecuted.

Thank you for your continued support. Last months article in AARP spawned over 1,000 new registered users, and we are currently working with another National Organization to get the word out. We also received over 500 clicks donating free mammograms from our main page. If you haven't clicked on it - please do. Do it every day - it's one of many banners we've donated to try and assist fabulous causes.

Please Report Respectfully

Please report handicapped parking violators respectfully. Remember that we can not know somebody's personal situation. Many handicapped people are hassled over their lack of a visual disability by well meaning citizens. Posting your handicapped parking violator report will allow the DMV to do their job, and keep you out of a personal confrontation. We have received hundreds of emails from handicapped individuals applauding this effort, and want to continue to serve them and our communities in a peaceful and positive way.

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