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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Reports List

Date Time Location State Placard# Lic Plate Comments
02/27/15 4:45p CantonTX2hdcp2hdcpEven though this person is handicap. Does not mean they can break the law. The strips are there for. Reason. This happens at this Walmart every time I go, which is several times a week. view
02/27/15 4:00p San DiegoCAUnknown6BDS565Group of people meeting inside JT's Pub, an individual arrived in reported car but could not find parking, member of group gave him a placard to use for parking in handicapped spot 20828 view
02/27/15 4:00p ITASCAILnone9323224 view
02/27/15 3:15p Daly CityCA759GT759GT view
02/27/15 3:00p Daly CityCA049GM049GM view
02/27/15 8:15a WashingtonDC526963EC 1198Infiniti G35S with Washington DC license plate displaying Maryland handicapped permit young, able-bodied young man exited the vehicle after hanging the tag on the rear view mirror and proceeded to walk briskly across the street without any visible disability. 20822 view
02/27/15 8:00a AnkenyIAnone927ZDCI was at DMAC College in Ankeny and a car with Iowa plate pulled into a handicap spot. a man in early 20's got out and sprinted up to the door (100 plus yards). i then watched a young man with crutches struggle from a parking spot in the back row who was obviously handicapped walk to the building. what a shame. view
02/27/15 8:00a chandlerAZnoneawk9369tall skinny black man w/nylon stocking on head got out of car , mouthed off at me and followed me into 99 cent store view
02/27/15 7:00a palo altoCAdon't know3nol905Older black BMW. Parked in handicapped row fronting welch rd. Person is a Stanford employee and was seen running from this car to the building he works in on campus ( possibly 1190 welch). Over a year now he has been parking fraudulently and now his buddy is doing the same thing. view
02/27/15 7:00a palo altoCAdon't know4sft246Silver VW Hatchback. Driver is Stanford employee and has been abusing placard for quite some time. Will use a valuable handica. space so a patient or legitimate user is unable to do so. Likes to park as close to his work as possible. Parks either near Lucas Imaging or in lot at Oak and Welch near another emplyoee abuser. The rest of us pay alot every year to park on campus- why not them? view
02/27/15 0:15a BillingsMTA074800376628ALady raced her daughter into the fast food joint after taking the only spot in the parking lot. Her daughter hung the tag and got out then said "wanna race?" The mother proceed to race to the door. view
02/26/15 4:00p TxTXNoneByv1906Parked in handicap spot at whole foods, went in got food. Very capable woman view
02/26/15 1:00p los angelesCAnone208 fmqthe plates on this car are from oregon view
02/26/15 0:30p Los AngelesCAG8460517FCU059Women parks daily at meter in front of my retail store and is CLEARLY not handicapped. She lives in the apartment complex above my store. She is consistently taking 1 of the 2 parking spots that are open for my customers. 20798 view
02/26/15 11:00a TucsonAZG 456130AMT3899Mother with 3 children parked in a handicap spot to attend a rodeo parade. She was not handicapped and the tag was from CA vice her car tag from AZ. There was an open regular parking spot right behind her car - no reason to commit this fraud. view
02/26/15 9:45a MysticCTNoneXV-800No tags, they park here on a daily basis. view
02/26/15 7:15a los angelesCAnone4aoa838 view
02/25/15 7:00p San DiegoCA991847M6XNH962The individual committing handicap fraud is a foreign exchange student from Saudi Arabia. He is a male who stands about 5'4 inches tall and is approximately 22-30 years of age. He has been doing backflips, cart wheels and round-offs in a near by park. Please report and deport this individual abusing the laws of the United States of America. 20795 view
02/25/15 4:00p SanfordFLnoneM481DEMy son is fully disabled and has a wheelchair. This older woman parked in the spot we were waiting for. She could walk find and claimed her son was disabled. Son not with her view
02/25/15 3:00p SparkillNYNoneGRE3205Parked in hc spot no license or placard view
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