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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Reports List

Date Time Location State Placard# Lic Plate Comments
09/01/14 12:00a Los AngelesCAG 530577noneVIN # 5FNRL5H96EB059769 (no license plate number on vehicle) NORM REEVES DEALER PLATE DISPLAYED MAKE: Honda, Odessey(White color) Family Van No obvious disability on occupants. Especially, when they hiked up in RUNYON CYN PARK, approx 5 miles view
09/01/14 11:00a Los AngelesCAG 8246225ADX458Lincoln SUV, two young women in their 30's. No obvious disabiliy or handicap. They hiked up to RUNYON CYN PARK, approx 5 miles. view
09/01/14 9:30a Ellicott CityMD14778D5BG9418Young brunette in a white Mercedes coupe hurriedly pulled into the handicapped spot, put a placard on the dash, then RAN into the store. 19581 view
09/01/14 8:00a TustinCA8628657BMG365Vehicle uses multiple placards in order to park in permit parking only designated spaces. Street is permit parking from 2am until 6am everyday. Previously reported on 8/29 using placard G297994. Vehicle has changed license plates from previous post. 19580 view
08/31/14 6:00p El PasoTXnoK2B570Black dodge SUV. Drives up to the HC slot parks get out with daughter. Used a placard but no way HC person. New Mexico License plate. view
08/31/14 5:00p ItascaIDnone1561552 view
08/31/14 3:15p BelmontCAG 3678244DRK054White male between 30 and 40 years of age. Balding. Parked in handicap parking spot at the Wendy's restaurant and walked in with no apparent handicap. view
08/31/14 1:00p DowneyCAYes5krd031Tan ford van lady not handicapped using placard at Ralph's in Downey view
08/31/14 12:00a Los AngelesCAG 5738336WNU150Young people with no visible disability. These young people claiming a disability commenced to hike to RUNYAN CYN PARK, approx 5 miles. 19571 view
08/31/14 12:00a Los AngelesCAG 52331236053K1Chevy Silverado Truck displaying Handicapped Placard. This person driving the truck was obviously not handicapped as they proceeded to hike 5 miles in RUNYAN CANYON PARK. 19572 view
08/31/14 12:00a Los AngelesCA6038057ABU063Black color Audi. The people in this car were not physically handicapped as they proceeded to hike 5 miles in RUNYAN CANYON PARK. view
08/31/14 12:00a East LiverpoolOHCould not get close EMR1981Pulled out the placard and then parked in spot. Soon as she was done shopping at Giant Eagle she pulled it off. Got gas at Getgo and had no problems pumping gas. I feel these type of people do not need a placard. Never thought about taking picture. view
08/30/14 1:00p Los AngelesCAnone6KPN637Car was running situated diagonally across disabled parking space and blue hash lined area with driver inside. There was a regular parking space available next to it. 19569 view
08/30/14 0:00a Los AngelesCAG 1512983XDB627A man and woman in their early 60's driving an older Honda SUV. Displaying a handicapped Placard, proceeded to RUNYAN CYN park and hiked approx 5 mi. view
08/29/14 6:00p El PasoTXH786107DM9 K35Two young kids age 17-19 got out the car parked in a handicap parking none were disabled not needing a cane or brace. view
08/29/14 3:00p Jersey CityNJ3142N19ELLHandicap sign owner isn't handicapped, his wife always uses the car and she's not handicapped. They allowed this car pictured to squeeze into their two car handicap space. view
08/29/14 12:00a Los AngelesCA.....259ROBBBBBPlacard deliberately obscured. Could not read full number, as the placard was jammed in the dash hiding the number. Was able to read last three numbers only ...259 Two Young men in their 30's and a dog. Hiking up to RUNYAN Cyn park, approx 5 mi hike. Obviously in great shape and not disabled the least bit. view
08/29/14 9:15a Los AngelesCAG 6036516HMY004Single man, in his forties, in great shape hiking up to RUNYAN CYN, at least 3 to 5 miles. Obviously, not handicapped or disabled. Red Nissan, older model, SUV view
08/29/14 9:15a Los AngelesCAG 6036516HMY004Second submission. Received message on first saying "File is of wrong type (use jpg) Single man, in great shape, alone and hiking up RUNYAN Cyn park, approx 5 mi, back and forth. view
08/29/14 9:15a Los AngelesCAG 5716396 RBT015Two ladies in their late 40's or early 50's and a dog. Hiking up to RUNYAN Cyn park, approx 5 miles. No obvious disabilities and these women were in great condition to hike all that way. SUBARA suv view
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