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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Reports List

Date Time Location State Placard# Lic Plate Comments
07/21/14 10:00a OmahaNE954571KansasA young man got out of his SUV and put a handicap sign on his rearview mirror and went into Vincinzos Italian Restaurant and picked up his to go order. view
07/21/14 8:00a Southern pinesNCnoneNot visiblBlue suv no placard. Absolutely not handicapped. Just lazy And feels entitled. view
07/20/14 4:45p ItascaILnonefrom ga view
07/20/14 12:00a MiltonGAP1667394??NOT HANDICAPPED. The permit needs to be revoked. Abusing the system for the privilege of parking proximity. view
07/19/14 1:15p ItascaILnonea950190 view
07/19/14 9:00a BostonMANone823kb2This kid shouldn't even have his license. He is NOT handicapped. Nieghter is his girlfriend. I can't believe people do this! Please take action! There are handicapped people on this street that need those few spots! view
07/19/14 8:00a OAKLANDCAH0850157AZJ189Consistently parks his car in a temporary parking location which is made with the intent of loading and unloading only. Person parks for days at a time not allowing persons that need to use the space access. Also, when they do park, they use the loading space so the other parking place does not have sufficient space to exit their car 19301 view
07/18/14 6:00p PhiladelphiaPAP68165BPA DFP-This Van is in use as a commercial van for construction. The driver was seen walking without taking any breaks. Also he was capable of lifting, loading and locking the ladder to the roof. view
07/18/14 4:00p LongmontCONone549-QCIThey've been parked there since 7/17/14 with plenty of open non-handicap spaces available. view
07/18/14 2:00p El CerritoCAConnecticut 0663294CaliforniaCalifornia car using an UNSIGNED Connecticut placard around the East Bay. view
07/18/14 2:00p San FranciscoCAnumber not visible6EBF795 view
07/18/14 1:00p HaverhillMAP07763252953-MX5This lady has no problem walking her dog all around the neighborhood while smoking...Parks here all day view
07/18/14 7:00a Woodland HillsCAG9141495SHS668At Kaiser permanente hospital a male employee named Henoch Azali parks in a handicapped spot in the patient lot. He has no visible signs on disability. view
07/18/14 4:00a san antonioTXNONEBJK4753Car parked blocking ramp. Owners name of car is Robert L Cortez DOB is October 10 1993. White 4 door 2006 KIA. 19290 view
07/18/14 4:00a ItascaILnonegno8bStill has Texas plates even though she's lived here for years. view
07/17/14 8:00p Round RockTXDVC8K4DVC8K4I just hate when people like this think that because maybe they've got money they can park anywhere and do whatever they want, and there were many parking spaces available that's what pisses me off view
07/17/14 7:00p La JollaCAnone6YFC308Informed driver that they were illegally parked. Driver responded that he did not care. 19288 view
07/17/14 4:00p Fort WorthTX107445DFH1213This man is clearly noy handicapped view
07/17/14 4:00p LongboatkeyFLJ459458LYN714David has been seen carrying large packages and groceries. He walks just fine. He had one handicap card that expired and now has another. He lives in FL and the tag is from CA. He is abusing the system. He drives an old Blue Honda sedan that is piled high with junk inside. view
07/17/14 4:00p minneapolisMNnone924 BPKgray mazada 3, she's in her 30's and in shape view
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