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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Reports List

Date Time Location State Placard# Lic Plate Comments
05/30/15 9:30a HoustonTX8465671FL-SJ26This person uses a family members hang tag for person convenience. view
10/31/14 6:00a MuskegonMINoneRUBYSTRThis same van parks in the handicapped spot almost every morning at the same time and it drives me nuts! She is NOT handicapped and doesn't have a handicapped permit. view
10/30/14 7:00p CharlotteNCN/ACAP7226Silver Audi SUV. NC plate. Harris Teeter shopping center; spot outside Great Clips. 19958 view
10/30/14 7:00p LewisvilleTXdont knowDLT4708It a young guy looking to be in his early 20's.Park here every evening. And have been now for 2 weeks ,The handicap tag isn't his and he should be parking here. The police was asked to check it out and the officer said its no way to check the tag.so im reporting it here as a violator of a handicap tag 19959 view
10/30/14 11:00a BriidgeviewILCE014745967Ford SUV. Retiree-age man with glasses...no handicap, yet uses handicapped space. view
10/30/14 5:45a West HenriettaNYnone54034This person continues to park illegally in the Erie Station village parking lots located near apartment 283. They do so every night simply because the spot is close to their apartment door. They have been told to stop yet they continue to violate the law. 19955 view
10/29/14 6:00p LewisvilleTXI Don't knowDLT 470Young white male age round 25 I don't have a picture but will try to get 1 he parks here every day and has been now for bout 2 weeks . He has a red handicapped tag hanging from his mirror . I think it belong to someone else he has lived here for over a year and never parked in handicapped park before 2 weeks ago. view
10/29/14 2:30p SacramentoCALicense Plate6848V DPSlender young woman with long, dark hair and blond child under 5 exiting vehicle parked in handicapped parking spot in front of library. No signs of disability for either individual. Dark sedan with child car seat in back. view
10/29/14 10:45a S WeymouthMANone8218LWThis car was in the only HP spot with no plackard in sight. view
10/29/14 8:00a LakewoodCO3414. 2U0106761-VVP view
10/29/14 6:00a paoliPApa 1475vpa 1475woman parked in handicap spot and then ran for train and I mean ran carrying a heavy bag view
10/28/14 6:00p gardenaCA20157BJY144A young lady often with height heels shoes parks often. Taking advantage of handicap tag to park in an only permit parking street and walks to apartments not nearby. Never seen her with any physical problem. view
10/28/14 6:00p Los AngelesCA884925NoneSingle young man (in his early 20s) drove wrong way down one-way street then parked in our apartment complex in a disabled person space. He walked away quickly from space. No plates on car and fake temporary registration on windshield. 19948 view
10/28/14 2:00p FillmoreCAunknown6LEZ826I saw a young man (40?) walking off the golf course with his pull cart. He looked like he had just finished walking the 18 hole course. He got into his car which was parked in a handicap spot. It appeared that there was a handicap placard hanging from the mirror but there is no way that he was disabled. view
10/28/14 0:00p ColumbusOHnot knownfys8831Person wearing 4 inch heels walking substantial distance in building without issue. view
10/28/14 0:00p BrooklineMAP01351235794LT4Young, seemingly fit man uses handicap space every day, all day view
10/27/14 3:00p BroomfieldCONo number913 YBUParked between two disabled spots view
10/27/14 3:00p San FranciscoCAJ 9071775YFR020This person wears medical scrubs so he is a doctor and there is not an indication of a handicap as I've seen him going up and down front and back stairs perfecto well. He has another neighborhood's parking permit on the car but lives on this block. He puts this placard on this heap as well as two other cars. view
10/27/14 2:15p BurbankCAG7562846VWK332Vehicle is being driven by able bodied young man in late 20s. Person driving parked on street and proceeded to leave the area on food with three friends, presumable to beat the time limit. 19939 view
10/27/14 1:30p Hacienda HeihjtsCAG989335(Nonoe)On Oct 27, 2014, at approximately 0230 pm, I saw a Ruby Red colored Ford Flex (no plates) park on the red zone along side elementary school. The driver, a female Hispanic, a staff member of the above location, placed the blue handicap placard (G989335) onto the rear view mirror. She exited the vehicle and walked towards the school. As she walked she displayed no physical disabilities. Moments later she returned to the vehicle with two girls alongside. They too showed physical disabilities. They entered the vehicle and drove of towards Los Altos Av. The phone number to the school is listed as (626)933-2300. view
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