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Date Time Location State Placard# Lic Plate Comments
07/04/15 8:00p bereaOH3w68922gck4707Two people walked 1/4 mile to a carnival. The young couple were able to walk very well. view
07/04/15 5:00p GreensburgPAnoneebb8660Lady parked at Shop n Save in front of store, sitting in her car eating chicken. When she saw me taking down her plate number, she put it in reverse and backed up at me. Black Buick Regal. view
07/04/15 5:00p GreensburgPAnonepa gxe-497 view
07/04/15 4:00p TujungaCAN/A6MPV512WHITE GMC SUBURBAN. parked in the loading zone next to a handicapped spot, left their dogs in the hot car in 90 degree heat, when the manager of the store told them to leave they blamed me and my elderly handicapped grandmother for telling him. Started screaming at us and calling us obscenities until they were told the LAPD was on their way. view
07/04/15 12:30a Winter GardenFLNoneCZUH94 view
07/04/15 12:30a Winter GardenFLNoneWH84P view
07/04/15 10:00a Owings MillsMDno placard8AP1714people without a handicapped placard normally abuse this handicap marked parking spot this costumer is a regular violating the handicapped rules view
07/03/15 5:15p AuroraIL2267225464I believe this is a friend of my neighbor. My neighbor had a handicap spot put in specifically for her and she does things like this. view
07/03/15 0:15p ItascaILnone28203lyThinks that the handicap spots are for their use only. They park in front of their apartment all the time. Parks there and keeps hitting the car lock several times no matter what time of day it is. view
07/03/15 0:00p springfieldOR160329030AQBthis man Parks in a handicap everyday not letting others customers use the parking. it's truly disgusting. view
07/03/15 11:00a princetonNJ1365836R44 FEVThis man could run the NYC Marathon and he parks in the same handicapped spot everyday!!! There are many elderly and handicapped people who live here who could and should be able to access this space!!! Disgusting view
07/03/15 9:15a Bowling GreenOH3F88249CZ62VVPerson driving this vehicle is a college-aged male who seems to walk perfectly fine withot any help to the apartment building just a few yards away. I have also seen him getting in and out of this vehicle numerous times, as well as seeing him remove the handicap placard when driving out of the parking spot. view
07/03/15 0:00a LynnMAP0658342343kv99 view
07/02/15 6:00p Little ElmTXnoneCVC 545Green Cadillac CTS, parked (running) in handicapped parking space in front of Kroger Marketplace at above address. Car did not have a handicap tag or hanger. Black female in front passenger seat. Called LEPD Dispatch with description and location of car. view
07/02/15 5:00p JolietIL2018V462922Occupant was white male in mid 40's maybe. Did not appear to have any visible handicap whatsoever. I did not leave a post-it-note. This is the first time I have reported anyone. view
07/02/15 4:00p TucsonAZunknownBAM2069Perfectly healthy woman using her deceased mother's handicap parking placard for the past 7 months and counting. view
07/02/15 2:00p KonaHIPU8212Zbs 826Man exited vehicle and proceeded to walk into a store a few yards away and was not using any kind of assistance devices, didnt walk irregular, and had a normal gait and pace. view
07/02/15 1:00p MinneapolisMN562802NoplateFit guy and gal, seemed more than capable to walk to a different parking spot. Didn't appear to be handicapped. view
07/02/15 1:00p San FranciscoCA941913F7LMU857I personally know the user of the handicapped placard. She paid her doctor to obtain. She's not disabled in any way. Her doctor is in the business of "selling" his services to an ethnic community. view
07/02/15 0:00p HAWTHORNECAn/a7bca713this car constantly parks illegally view
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