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Date Time Location State Placard# Lic Plate Comments
04/27/15 1:00p EugeneORNo placard. Illegal356 GKTshe used to be my care provider, (I am legally disabled and on SSI) and took her previous client's dmv placard, and mine has been missing since I had to fire her, due to verbal and emotional abuse. I am reporting her today, because she is parked in the handicapped spot directly in front of my house, with no placard, nor ADA plates. She is a frequent abuser of disabled people and their placards. I called the manager of our complex first, around 11am, and was told that she would take care of it, but the truck is still parked there, and it is now nearly 2:30pm. view
04/27/15 0:30p East LansingMI4823759ddv0898White Chevrolet Camaro. Two able-bodied young men exited the car. view
04/27/15 0:00p La JollaCA9982908X0156SStudent late to class. Seen a few times running from truck in Handicapped parking space. view
04/27/15 11:15a StocktonCAI 0268658U77050Mid thirties black male carrying large full back pack view
04/27/15 9:00a HamiltonOH3V43364GKN6340Young Caucasian female driver attending college parked in the space without displaying permit and did not "appear" to need this space at all. Appears as though she parked closer so that she would not be late for class. view
04/26/15 4:00p HoustonTXNoneDV2VWNVehicle has no handicap plates yet continues to park in the reserved handicap parking spot clearly marked. view
04/26/15 2:00p PeruILCF69121L143474The person driving this vehicle is my neighbor. He's live on the third floor of our apartment building for about a year now and exhibits absolutely NO signs of being handicapped! He moved his things in by himself (again, to the THIRD floor) and gets around normally and quickly. My mom has a handicap and it disgusts me that this man is taking advantage of the handicap placard. Please investigate! Thank you. view
04/26/15 0:00p San AntonioTXunkdbt1748Placard tag was covered by a college parking tag. Driver you young healthy person who look as if they were a weightlifter. They exited the vehicle and walked quickly into the workplace building view
04/26/15 9:15a ITASCAILnonen148634 view
04/26/15 0:00a San DiegoCA2015unknownWoman uses a handicap card, but is not handicapped. She is at the SDSU gym exercising most every day. view
04/25/15 6:15p ChicagoIL78834P411839the person of the vehicle with permission to park at this handicap space(licence plate, always parks her vehicle outside of handicap space to leave the space for other family members to park their car in her handicap space. The vehicle now parked at the handicap space is a Honda. view
04/25/15 5:00p EncinoCA2015N/AThis is a regular occurrence. Person who also probably lives at address indicated above, Is young Lady, who's in great health, to carry groceries, walk her dog, etc. She use Handicap placard to park at meters, often also allowing her boyfriend in another car to use it to also park at handicap, or meters. view
04/25/15 4:00p ITASCAILnones191251 view
04/25/15 4:00p ITASCAILnonen148634 view
04/25/15 4:00p AugustaGAT126614LK2 PHILWoman was on crutches for less than a week. She was given a 6 month temp decal. She has been walking around in high heels everyday at work when her "injury" was to her ankle. Now she hides the expiration date but still uses the decal as if it is valid. view
04/25/15 1:00p NewburghNY355122LUVROROSubject is using a family members placard to park in a designated Handicap Parking space. view
04/25/15 1:00p ITASCAILnonen148634 view
04/25/15 1:00p ITASCAILnones191251 view
04/25/15 11:00a AberdeenWAZ000000AOC7420Young lady long black hair ran into Safeway! White Toyota SUV with Gold Emblems. AOC7420 Washington. view
04/25/15 9:00a new yorkNY487155dtf7264Young asian male with child parked illegally in a no parking zone and put plaque in the window and walked away there was no handicap person with him . This is not right for people waiting for parking view
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