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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Reports List

Date Time Location State Placard# Lic Plate Comments
06/30/15 6:30a ushkillPAP05538Bem whipthat dreadful, rude little girl who uses her mother's hangtag parked her car in one of only two handicapped spaces and got on the school bus, thus cutting handicapped parking in half for the whole school day. view
03/30/15 10:30a CentredaleRINonePN76Used the marked space as a convenience. When questioned the woman said she was only going to drop off a package so what's the big deal. view
03/30/15 8:30a AlbanyNY3195481ECV3849Woman in 30s-40s make of vehicle is a Lincoln. For over a year she has parked in the handicap spots if there are no other spots on the first floor making it easier for her to walk in her 3-4 inch heels. view
03/30/15 8:00a MissoulaMTnone visible44509AFemale. Grayish hair. Height around 5 to 5.5 feet. Car does not have rear view mirror. No visible handicapped parking pass on license plate or on dashboard. view
03/29/15 1:00p philadelphiaPAnone8789LThey have 2 cars and always park like this, if they go somewhere they would always move 1 car to take up space until they return so they always have parking view
03/29/15 11:45a AustinTXnoneDNM 015This truck has a "Bilt Rite Scaffold Co" logo. The driver of this vehicle is not handicapped. He was previously parked at The Home Depot lot taking up two spaces on a busy day. If he parks like this twice in a row, who knows how many more times he will steal a handicapped space from someone who needs it. view
03/29/15 10:00a Staten islandNY523711523711Take Handicap parking spot then spends hours strolling around the mall. view
03/28/15 10:00p ITASCAILnone6547629 view
03/28/15 0:00p San JoseCA8609705fyd369Two Asian people one mls in jose 30s one female in her upper 40s -50s. Did not have placard visible until after they parked. Another handicap placard license plate unable to use the spot. Saw both standing for extended period of time. view
03/28/15 11:15a LaurelMDUnknown7BF3910Black Nissan. Pulled into handicapped space with visible handicapped placard. Neither Driver nor passenger was not handicapped. Driver was obese. But I'm obese and I don't have a handicapped placard. view
03/28/15 0:00a omahaNENONErzd 371The front office said theyd call and let them know to move their car... Nope. They deserve a ticket they had no placard in the window. view
03/27/15 6:30p OldbridgeNJ547743R97 DYCThis young lady parks her car at the park ride every day. On all occasions she runs to the parking and reverses her car and drives out the parking lot like a bat out of hell. The shameful part is that she is parked in a handicapped parking with a sticker. She is a very young lady and I don't understand what is the reason why she even has a sticker. I am afraid she will hurt someone one day leaving the parking lot and also believe she has no disability to even have a sticker to begin with. view
03/27/15 4:45p HastingsMNnone212 LABDark blue Buick is parked day and night in a handicapped spot at the Regina Assisted Living facility. There is no handicapped placard and no handicapped license plate. view
03/27/15 4:00p comptonCAG4739964ZEK637a young female age 18 to 25, parked her mini van in front of my house, She than ran to the corner were another car was waiting on her, The same young lady picked it up the next day at noon, No disable person on site. view
03/27/15 3:00p StaffordVAP0105880747W 225Handicapped Parking sign handing in a work truck with Maryland plates. Owner of the truck lives on the street and is seen carrying items around, running outside with kids. view
03/27/15 12:00a DallasTXNone10XFY8This person parks in a handicapped space in the teacher's parking lot daily. Not handicapped, and has no placard tag. view
03/27/15 11:15a PerrisCAJ4218943UTJ240continuous parking in handicap space with the use of handicap plaque used in 3 other cars. all living in same apt. and none are handicap. Apt. manager says there is nothing that can be done. A 102 year old woman should be able to use handicap space sometime. view
03/27/15 10:00a PerrisCAJ4218946GGE374Young group of 4 men living in apt. none are disable but uses plaque to park one of the 4 vehicles. when one car move, it is replaced with another. handicap plaque is placed in car now in handicap space. view
03/26/15 9:15p GrimesIAN/A856ZOILight blue Chevy does not have handicap placard or license plate displaying handicap parking. Young lady who parks there because there are no close parking spots to her apartment. Is not handicap but is parking there regardless. view
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