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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Reports List

Date Time Location State Placard# Lic Plate Comments
12/17/14 9:45a Little RockARG5618626GL2This tag is registered to the Mother of the driver's vehicle. This is the driver's work address and the Mother is NEVER with her during the times that she parks in the Handicapped Parking spot. She has been parking in the handicapped spot everyday for over 2 weeks. 20205 view
12/17/14 6:00a PhoenixAZ1x9963Bfw4900this guy has been using his fathers placard for parking at the U.S. airways employee parking lot for much of the year but we the employees are tired of it and it is not right that he abuses the privilege. He has been told by co workers and management with no avail. He claims it goes to the car not the individual, how arrogant can one person be. 20206 view
12/16/14 4:00p EddystonePA9432216PYSW2818The owner of the placard is an under age student who is incapable of driving. The placard displays the truck of the step father. The step father DOES NOT transport the child to or from school, he is not taken to the store for shopping however, the truck is parked in handicap spot every day and night. If anyone else parks in "his spot" he starts a civil argument. In 2 years the child has been transported about 6 times yet the placard is used every day all day long. view
12/16/14 1:00p Little RockARG4036666GLZShe is using her Mother's handicapped card to hand from her mirror. She has been parking in the handicapped spot for a few weeks now. When she first started working here, she parked at the end of the lot. Now, she parks at the front door in handicapped spot using this sticker. view
12/15/14 2:00p Agoura HillsCAG 0980096YDU577This person is NOT in a wheelchair yet always parks in this space. This person even has parking spots right in front of his office & still uses this spot just to open up an additional space for his employees. I also have a better picture that shows this space as VAN ASSESSABLE only if you need it 20200 view
12/15/14 1:30p Colorado SpringsCONa031-ymrThey park there every school day to drop off and pick up their kids view
12/15/14 1:00p OfallonILCE5409393609432 females one 50 another early twenties man driving looks early twenty short hair 270lbs view
12/15/14 12:15a EriePAP32636ERERUNParked in one of our H/C spots, walked two blocks to another facility view
12/15/14 11:30a North ProvidenceRINone914-933Driver using it as a loading zone. view
12/15/14 10:00a LivingstonNJNONEJFJ 17XBarnabas Health Ambulatory Care Center is an extension of Saint Barnabas Hospital. Handicapped people with canes, walkers etc. need these spaces to get their medical needs attended to. This guy, running into the facility form his Toyota Avalon, obviously does not. view
12/15/14 8:00a BriidgeviewILCE014745967Non-handicapped man parking in a handicapped spot. view
12/15/14 7:45a BriidgeviewILCE014745967Ford Freestyle SUV with able-bodied man parking here, the first spot by the door, which is a handicapped spot. view
12/15/14 3:00a Walnut CreekCANo placard28209K1Truck parked without a valid handicapped placard in an apartment garage. I also have the front picture but can only upload 1 picture. view
12/14/14 10:45p Steamboat SpringsCOP00598886377QBE"Gentleman" with no visible signs of any handicap just park, unloaded his skis and headed to the gondola view
12/14/14 1:00p Steamboat SpringsCOP035253B63-6DB2nd violation today; This one is a repeat offender as he has done this several times. Pulled into the only handicapped spot on the street, changed into his ski gear, unloaded his skis and headed to the gondola - which includes a few sets of stairs he easily managed. view
12/14/14 0:00p ITASCAILnon3966496 view
12/14/14 12:00a ColumbusOHGS34549PMRNPerson uses handicap placard for favorable parking at work but is not handicapped. Walks all over at work and spends hours walking while shopping. 20189 view
12/14/14 11:45a North ProvidnceRINone59554Must think that "loading zone" is spelled "Handicapped Parking". 20190 view
12/13/14 4:00p los angelesCAg 9721274WOV057Vehicle (PT Cruiser model) is left overnight everyday by mobile food truck owners who are healthy and able to lift items over 15pounds. Disabled placard is misused to secure and reserve public parking everyday for Meter #7736 space 826. Parking should be for public not for business purpose and disabled placard should be removed or suspended for misused. view
12/13/14 3:30p MatthewsNCNONEADJ4BIMotorcycle parked in the access aisle between two spots. view
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