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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Reports List

Date Time Location State Placard# Lic Plate Comments
01/29/15 4:00p ChinoCANone6ZAB434This gentleman parks in the handicap parking spot and at times all the time. view
01/29/15 4:00p Los AngelesCAn/a6ych173Company cars that use handicapped tag but do NOT have any visible handicapped. 20548 view
01/29/15 2:00p RosevilleCANone5PDB556Parked in front of Massage Envy and Starbucks. No placard or identifying license plate. 20546 view
01/29/15 0:00p SparkillNYNoneGRE3205 view
01/29/15 9:00a YumaAZNone149YXJ view
01/29/15 8:15a San FranciscoCAN/A6W0C986Male individual in the car using handicap placard. I could not see the placard number. I got a picture of the individual and license place. After placing the placard on the rear view mirror he got out of he car walking normally. He stood next to his car to smoke a cigarette. 30 minutes later he left the car with no other passenger. 20543 view
01/29/15 4:45a RenoNVA614151IRUNWLDAgain this am, he is parked a couple of hundred feet from the front door of the gym, while the two handicap spots are empty. view
01/29/15 1:00a MadisonMEnone51-051Woman with 2 dogs inside, seen her do this In Madison and Skowhegan, Maine. There is nothing wrong with her, just doing it because she thinks she can get away with it, has and does. 20545 view
01/28/15 7:00p IndioCAnoneY3N5DVThe woman and her husband share the placard, however as of recently only she has been using it. Neither of them are ill or are the original owner of that placard. Now it has gotten to the point where she doesn't care about putting on the placard and just parks in the handicapped spot. view
01/28/15 3:30p MuncieINNAVGK 329Young man pulls into parking area with no thought of a disable person might need that space. Didn't care view
01/28/15 3:00p West sacramentoCANoneGlad ojBuick Regal car has been parking in handicapped spot repeatedly for two weeks and front office at apartments does nothing about this !!! view
01/28/15 2:30p brookvilleOH3u35177fwl8462f/late 50's early 60's, short blonde hair, 5'4" or shorter, walked briskly in, bending, stooping looking at greeting cards 20539 view
01/28/15 2:00p KirtlandOH3V16249FAX682OI was told about this site from a classmate of mine at the college. This women drives a black four door jeep wrangler and parks in the first handicap spot by the door. I'm very angry because she is clearly not disabled, when confronted she is very rude, talks about calling the police, and says her husband is a cop, so deal with it. She is a FRAUD and I did call campus police on her, they said the plaque is registered to her, but it is not for her, its for her child. She does not have a child with her. I know a lot of people who are very upset about this, lets hope she is reported and stopped. I have yet to see any complaints that have been made using your site. view
01/28/15 1:00p KirtlandOH3V16249FAX682OThis women works for an outside vending machine company at Lakeland Community College, I'm a student there and she uses our parking lot for disabled people to get close to entrance to fill machines. She is always there for at least 4 hours, she also sells items out of the back of her Black Jeep Wrangler. She's a fraud, she is not disabled, Iam and so is another student friend of mine. How is this allowed, do they just give these to anyone???????? view
01/28/15 7:30a PhilaPAP82182GGWW1492This woman is not handicap her husband is handicap but her husband never parks in his handicap spot. He parks on the street so his wife has a reserved spot for when she gets home from work and it's not fair that he parks in one of our spaces when he has his own personal spot and saves it for his wife that is not handicap. It's hard enough to find a place to park and it is very frustrating watching what they are doing. view
01/27/15 6:00p LONG BEACHCAj7349836lsx20825 to 35 year old parking in disabled spot running to friends car laughing driving away. we have limited parking in this area the car last time was parked for a week here I need the space I applied for through the city when I go for my therapy and return. I have walked 2 and 3 blocks to get home then another 2 or 3 blocks to get to my car in the morning to leave for therapy. I have seen the car parked in regular parking places around the area without the place card. camera not working view
01/27/15 0:30p BatesvilleARnone437MYFTwo (2) people got out of the vehicle, neither one seemed to be handicapped,they parked right beside my car, where i needed room to get my wheel chair up to the car to get into it. i did place a handicap fraud print out on their windshield to let them know that i had a hard time getting into my car. there was a 3 ft. space that was clearly marked to not park on, but they was parked over it next to my car.. please notify them of parking in handicap parking requires a tag or placement tag to park in these kind of spaced for people like me that is handicapped. thank you. view
01/27/15 11:30a DallasTXThere wasn't onDWB1882A perfectly healthy woman was waiting on someone who was in the store. No placard, no plate. view
01/27/15 10:00a RenoNVA614151 51IRUNWLDThis guy comes to the gym and lifts weights, uses the o lipstick machine, leg press, etc. He parks in handicap spots far from the two that are right near the front door. Last Saturday, he used the handicap spot designated for PPortifino I Restaurant and walked up to the gym to.work out. The spot he uses e era day is a good 300 ft from the front door. He is constantly walk all over the place. Why is he able to get away with tbis. He also runs outside . view
01/27/15 9:00a TopekaKS588016575GGPThis person uses her mother's handicapped parking permit to park daily in front of the Landon State Office Building. She is a state employee and is not handicapped. She is among many in downtown Topeka that abuse Topeka's policy of allowing handicapped-permitted vehicles to park in any metered space without paying. A lot of these people are state employees that abuse the system so they don't have to pay for parking in downtown Topeka. It's a disgrace and it's clear and simple thievery. view
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