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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Reports List

Date Time Location State Placard# Lic Plate Comments
11/25/14 12:00a SAN FRANCISCOCAH 2588296SXU254This 5.0 mustang with a 6 speed manual transmission, which requires the use of all four extremities, is driven and is parked daily, all day, on a general parking meter by a man who appears to be in his late twenties and has no problem jumping out of this car and jogging down the sidewalk to his job. You have to be kidding me! view
11/25/14 10:00a auburnWAnoneL089Parked in one of the only handicapped spots in a Starbucks parking lot. No handicap sticker or placard. view
11/24/14 4:30p ManhattanNY437975CAJ8615 20086 view
11/24/14 3:00p New YorkNYdur2713dur2713Owner of Gourmet Bagel at 874 Lexington is fraudulently using a handicapped permit to delivery materials to his store. Abuse is long standing and ongoing. view
11/24/14 2:30p St. CloudMNNone397 ENKSilver late model Buick flagarently abusing handicapped parking spot, clearly not disabled, no handicap placard anywhere on car. view
11/24/14 0:15p El MonteCANone6ZIP696I've seen this vehicle (Lexus IS 250) parked in the handicap spot on more than one occasion. The driver appears to be perfectly fine as he smokes in front of the restaurant. There are other people who also park in the handicap spot because they're too lazy to find parking. 20083 view
11/24/14 11:00a ManhattanNY437975CAJ8615This man use a permit for disable or handicapped people only for parking his car in right front of his job I know this man for long time and he just to do that all the time even in the city where the traffic and parking lot it's very difficult for real people with disable impediments. Please help to stop this abuse. Thanks. view
11/24/14 11:00a BarboursvilleWVP201014ALJ584Able bodied couple and teen girl view
11/24/14 7:00a SAN FRAN.CA3921036YHC713This morning I saw a young man park this car on a general metered parking space with no problem parking and no trouble hopping out of the car and briskly walking to his destination, even looking back quickly to look at his car and turn back around to continue his fast paced stride. This is blatant abuse of the system to gain all day free parking. view
11/23/14 0:00a Colorado SpringsCONoneJSL832Not a first time offender. No handicapped placard visible in any window. 20076 view
11/22/14 0:00a Oak LawnILUnknownNTHEWRDThis driver was very aggressive and honking the horn and screaming at me while I was waiting for a parking spot. She was highly antagonistic and confrontational toward me once inside the store. It also appeared that she was totally mobile and has no reason to require a handicap Placard. Besides needing anger management courses she lacks any physical handicap and I believe she is committing handicap parking fraud. I am a doctor so I am observant to injuries/disorders. 20074 view
11/21/14 4:30p WestmontNJ1020155W18BYC2 young ladies, 20-25 years in age,, fully capable, emerged from a black VW bug (new model) after parking in a handicapped space, which was located immediately adjacent to my seat. They each walked inside and headed straight to the bar. view
11/21/14 4:00p ManhattanNY437975CAJ 8615 view
11/21/14 2:45p WestminsterCANone7BMF495Again, She keep parking at this handicap space 20073 view
11/21/14 2:00p KennewickWANone455-XVEThis man didn't have a handicapped placard. It's a small parking lot with many spots open. view
11/21/14 10:00a CiceroILunknownunknownThe owners that used the sign are no longer living there they moved out 2 weeks ago that sign is just not being used they need to remove that sign. view
11/20/14 5:00p WestminsterCAnone7BMF495This car keep park in this handicap without permit 20068 view
11/20/14 5:00p WestminsterCANone5XWH744Parked on this handicap every day without permit 20069 view
11/20/14 12:00a AthensTNNone444HMYThis car was in a HP spot with no placard. This is a big issue in Tn I see cars parked in HP spots everywhere that shouldn't be there view
11/20/14 9:30a HoustonTX8465671FL-SJ26This person uses a family members hang tag for person convenience. view
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