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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Handicapped Parking Fraud
Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Reports List

Date Time Location State Placard# Lic Plate Comments
04/14/14 10:00a Colorado SpringsCONone383-CNQNo placard present and parked in handicap spot from 7:00am most of the day. No handicap license plate either. view
04/13/14 5:30p PlainfieldIN093448582APPThis person works at the above locations and parks in handicapped spots everyday. The placard is missing date and is heavily damaged. view
04/13/14 12:00a BirminghamMI43817?BCJ5951Middle aged black female hopped out of large Cadillac Escslade SUV and walked into store after reaching across car to grab handicap placard. She then proceeded to grocery shop in the large store without any difficulty. view
04/13/14 8:00a Upper DarbyPAP96419BJCK0707I have asked these same people to move there car they had no placard. Now they have a placard.I don't beleave it is for them.I'm not sure of the time I was gone last night until this morning. It is still there it's 10am. I don't want them to know it was me. They will make things harder on me. view
04/12/14 3:15p ItascaILnone9865566 view
04/12/14 0:00p philaPA968665phzc2322street festival---too many people--parking difficult if owner can navigate the festival on main st. they certainly do not need hp plaquard view
04/12/14 0:00p Miami beachFLDon't knowBWZZ18Female Not handicap abusing handicap to not pay Parking fair view
04/11/14 8:00p PhoenixAZnoneCH36271 view
04/11/14 3:00p las vegasNVnonebbgirlno handicap tags,repeatedly parks on handicap ramp in front of her office several hours a day when there are ample empty spaces available. Repeat offender. view
04/11/14 0:30p MesaAZunkD5W32Able bodied adult black male alone in vehicle. When I said "your not handicapped" stated "it's on the plate". view
04/11/14 8:00a AunurnNYNo PermitEMN1599 view
04/10/14 6:00p Miami beachFLA9141631474xwdChaoukat Hajjar works at Barton G and parks on west ave near 14th for work uses the fake handicap plackard at work view
04/10/14 5:00p DANA POINTCA658438M4 DRAZ view
04/10/14 4:00a AuroraCOnone438YPMPicking up kids at middle school parks her vehicle in 2 spaces no placard or tags. When I wrote plate number down she responded by stating there were "several more spots and she will be there everyday "and she "doesn't care about the law" view
04/09/14 6:00p Los AngelesCAG5336536tkn957Driver is clearly the relative using it to park wherever view
04/09/14 6:00p OmahaNEM7?854 WYLWoman has handicapped son that lives at the long term care facility (ambassador). She never transports him or takes him out of the facility but consisitently uses his placard to park in disabled stalls when she visits him. Also she has iowa plates and lives in nebraska. 18694 view
04/09/14 5:00p MadisonTNNone514wwrBlack ford view
04/09/14 11:00a TucsonAZNoneBOBRINOSmall orange metallic eclipse. Has no handicapped sticker or plate whatsoever. view
04/09/14 9:15a EscondidoCAJ1310614BVH972this car has used other placards in the past, is a small sport car and the drivers physical description did not match the description of the owner of the previous placard used, this appears to be a new placard, and the only person driving, never a passenger, is not physically challenged at all, nobody that wears 6 inch heels every day has an issue,she takes the only open disabled parking in the lot, I don't know if she is even a resident here or just a visitor, who has been here for at least 5 months view
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