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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Date Time Location State Placard# Lic Plate Comments
10/21/10 6:08p ArlingtonVANONEBNR 8225REPEAT OFFENDER- light blue 4 door Ford. view
10/21/10 4:00p sanduskyOH3g26417ept3973i see this person, cutting grass, showleing snow, works everyday, walks just find, 2legs, 2 arms view
10/21/10 12:00a GreenvulleNCnoneZRB-842A young black girl. I asked her if she was handicapped and she told me "No, I will only be a minute" I said "that doesn't matter" She continued into the post office and when she came out said " See it wasn't long" view
10/21/10 10:45a CULVER CITYCAnoneunknownThe NFL Network. So nice of them to raise awareness for their charities in their Football game broadcasts but on their property, it’s a different story. Ninja motorcycle parked in Cross hatch area, daily! Turning a blind eye for their too cool employees. 11447 view
10/21/10 10:00a miami lakesFLwill provideX075TAThis guy works in this building. He parks in the handicapp parking spote everyday and has a handicapp placard. The placard is apparently under his name, but had to be given to him fraudently. After lunch this guy walkes around the neighborhood everyday. There is no way that he is handicapp. view
10/20/10 7:00p SandyUT2181022720870Has a tag and lives off disability yet lives upstairs in a place with a long flight of stairs to the bedroom and jogs or uses on a stair-stepper every day. She once told me she had just gotten done w 7 miles! 11384 view
10/20/10 6:08p ArlingtonVANONEGPF 3023silver Toyota Prius with Pennsylvania plates. REPEAT OFFENDER. view
10/20/10 4:30p elyriaOH3a53082csz9729This woman uses a place card to park in the spot closest to the door of my store when its the only spot available.Otherwise she parks a few spots down and walks.this leads me to believe that she is not the one handicap,but is abusing the placecard. view
10/20/10 3:30p St. PetersburgFLNONEK1828REveryday this woman who works in our building parks in a handicap spot. She walks perfectly fine, somtimes quite peppy to and from her Nissan Murano. Then she proceeds to actually drive people off the road. We happen to take the same interstate drive and cannot beleive the violent nature of this "handicapped" woman. She DEFINATELY is NOT physically handicapped. view
10/20/10 1:45p Culver CityCAnone6MLJ526The NFL Network again! Camry parks in the HC spot daily. When I alerted NFL.com Security (the security office is 20 feet away), uuhhhh……. That’s building maintenance; I can’t do anything about it. Clean up your backyard before preaching about your causes! 11448 view
10/20/10 1:30p planoTXNone556n4toffice building parking lot. the red car next to the bike 243shz is parked in the "van accessible" spot. 11387 view
10/20/10 2:00a ddsALNoneNoneSome of you all are stupid. Just because someone isn't Limping or their leg isn't shot off does NOT mean they aren't handicap. My dad has a heart condition and he LEGALLY has a plate. He doesn't "Look" Handicap.....Putting their plates online is rude and snotty. Now if they do NOT have a plate or Placard I could understand. view
10/19/10 8:00p DallasTXno placardTx 274 NMKAn old white chevy sedan, four door, all tricked out with chrome wheels and accessories. view
10/19/10 6:30p AustinTXUnknown435 hysHandicap placard not displayed when they pulled in but hung as they parked All family members were perfectly healthy Older couple with 2 children view
10/19/10 6:09p ArlingtonVANONEBNR 8225REPEAT OFFENDER view
10/19/10 4:00p ItascaILNone181935Yes, the plate was handicap. No he wasn't handicap. He was a perfectly able person. He was delivering a pizza to a tenant and didn't want to park in a regular spot two spots over. The people who needed the spot had to park in a regular spot. They use walkers and canes. view
10/19/10 1:00p Newport beachCANone6mbd507 view
10/19/10 11:00a friscoTX1234Au55ieThis person is using an illegal placard of a womans dead father, you should be ashamed of yourself. view
10/19/10 2:00a Newport BeachCAnone6MBD507 11378 view
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