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Date Time Location State Placard# Lic Plate Comments
10/08/11 11:24a AnchorageAKPR4624ESS681Red GMC crew cab p/u, oversized rims. Two young male occupants early 20's, not visibly handicapped. view
10/08/11 10:30a Virginia BeachVAnoneKMA7148Long red hair female in her 50's. Very rude and felt justified because she left her grandchildern in her mini van. Two violations... view
10/08/11 10:30a WeymouthMANone121JE2This guy was in 1 of the 2 HP spots with no plackard in sight filling the fluids of his SUV. view
10/08/11 10:00a South San FranciscoCA4hkm5134HKM513Obese middle age woman uses the placard and she is not disabled. i am upset she is using taxpayer dollars to find easy access for parking. she is the owner of two businesses; a hair salon and accessory store. she moves around without any limitations and works in a heavy physical manner view
10/08/11 9:00a TacomaWAnone461-tfdat Apex Apartments. view
10/07/11 3:00p ChicagoIL677464529890This woman has a yellow paper with the number 67746 TAPED to her dashboard. Every day she parks everywhere BUT on her reserved parking spot while a silver car that DOES NOT have a placard or permit for the handicapped spot parks there. This happens every day and at times the car with the permit will park halfway past the post, preventing other people from being able to take advantage of the limited parking that's available to us. view
10/07/11 0:00p santa cruzCAF 0779226CGN024Late model Toyota compact SUV has been parking continiuosly at this metered spot. The driver has no vivible signs of a disability and has been observed in a local merchant shop as a very active and agile competent individual. view
10/06/11 7:00p BerkeleyCAF0368084FJM475The woman who drives this car and owns the disabled parking placard walks briskly, without difficulty. A year ago, she did have a slight limp, but there is NOTHING wrong with her now, and yet she still has the placard hanging on her windshield as you can see from the photo. 13547 view
10/06/11 2:00p dublinOHnot sureffd6911Middle aged red headed woman parked in handicapped spot, hopped out of small light brown honda suv, primping her hair then swiftly walked inside mall with no visible handicap. view
10/06/11 12:00a SchaumburgILnoneBCL4222I have seen this car parked in handicaped spots all week 10-3 through today 10-6-11. I leave for work at 5:45 AM and I looked for a handicap sticker, tag and plate did not see one. view
10/06/11 7:00a White River JunctionVTNoneNY FJTNo handicap plates. No Handicap hand tag. Parked at closest space to door. view
10/06/11 6:30a TacomaWAnoneAAK0299Today's date and time is October 7, 2011 at 1:58 pm. This car is STILL illegally parked in a handicapped spot at Apex Apartments. I've seen a security guy walking in the parking lot this morning, so clearly they don't care who parks where. view
10/05/11 10:54p HoustonTXnonegx7-1351parked in between handicapped spots 13535 view
10/05/11 7:00p San FranciscoCAD8457593JRL284I don't know if my post made it to your website. I can't find it. I wanted to report abuse of handicap/disable placard by the following: Name: Akiko Motoshige Home address: 2558 15th Ave., SF 94127 Placard # D845759 Expires: 6/30/13 License Plate #3JRL284 She had foot surgery years ago and no longer needs the handicap placard but talked her doctor into extending it thru 2013. She parks all day in metered street parking, leaves her car, while she works at PG&E in the Chinatown Office (Clay Street, crossing Stockton ST.). She takes BART and muni in and out of the city, while leaving her car parked all day. She is not disabled or handicapped in any way. She even parks in handicapped parking spots. view
10/05/11 6:08p SFCANONE96462c1A habitual abuser of handicapped parking - does not have a handicapped plate or placard - again seen using handicapped parking even though there are many open non-handicapped spaces in the garage. view
10/05/11 5:30p storm lakeIAunknownZ7933ford pickup with a handicap license plate pulling a trailer blocking two handicap van accessible paralell spaces. all four people walked out fine loaded all the groceries in the back end of the truck. view
10/05/11 1:30p southamptonPAnonedmt5976in a handicap spot. 13538 view
10/05/11 0:00p southamptonPAnonedmt5976Though it may not look it, the car is in the handicap parking space. view
10/05/11 0:00p CharlotteNC21730CSYA 148two young black people, one male, one female pulled into a handicapped spot and ran up the steps to the courthouse area. Neither was handicapped at ALL! They were driving a reddish Suzuki Firenza. I absolutely abhor people that abuse the handicapped spots. It was a beautiful day and there was ample parking inside the garage. These were clearly two lazy kids. view
10/05/11 8:23a San DiegoCAA228819GTIFAST"GTIFAST" is a Washington Plate view
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