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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Date Time Location State Placard# Lic Plate Comments
07/24/10 2:00p rialtoCAnone5bn9060parked half in hc space and half in regular space no plackard view
07/24/10 0:00a LakewoodCONo tags897 UAJBlack honda accord parked in handicapped- no tags view
07/23/10 7:30p FreeholdNJP697682UEX74GPerson stated that he is NOT handicapped and is using his father's handicap tag. Located at Freehold Raceway Mall; Macy*s Parking Lot. Car is a late model Mazda 3 10864 view
07/23/10 5:00p LakewoodCONone384 VRIWhite Dodge Neon parked in handicapped with no tags view
07/23/10 5:00p rialtoCAnone6hyt462 view
07/23/10 5:00p River GroveILAE200064PLV157The owner of this van continues to use this place card even though her mother (owner of card)passed away two years ago. view
07/23/10 3:00p St. CloudMNNo PlacardVPW 035 view
07/23/10 2:30p TulsaOKnone880ETZWhite GMC Sierra truck was parked in a handicapped space in front of the Thornton YMCA, but didn't have a handicap placard. There were no other handicapped spaces available, so I had to wait for someone else to leave. I have a pic but couldn't upload it. view
07/23/10 1:00p ScottsdaleAZno number visibleAJP0978Female driver of Black Chrysler, no visible disabled tags in / on the car. She not only parks in disabled spot but also inbetween the parking spaces! Have seen this each weekday for past 2 weeks at least. view
07/23/10 0:45a OrlandoFLA5718693912JAMHispanic Women in mid 30's ... 5'7 Black Wavy hair shoulder length walked out her car with her boyfriend. view
07/23/10 0:35a MetairieLAnoneSYH 143gold Escalade view
07/22/10 8:00p MilwaukeeWIunknown508mlyno handicapped parking placard view
07/22/10 2:15p rialtoCAnone5hwb057 view
07/22/10 2:00p rialtoCAnone4tui492 view
07/22/10 1:30p rialtoCAnone5hum916 view
07/22/10 0:45p rialtoCAnone6jfa648 view
07/22/10 12:00a FlintTXnoneBN7X279Beige Uplander van with young man driving who went into convenience store for only a short while. But other parking was a few feet behind him. Saw no tag. Man young and agile. view
07/22/10 10:00a St. LouisMO0448734De1b4lable body large size man walking without support on both legs. driving a nice almost new looking dodge suv with tinted windows. red handicap tag ex aug 3.  view
07/22/10 9:00a LancasterPAn/aYHS9375This man is a plumber. How can one perform the duties of a plumber and yet qualify for the privileges associated with handicap? His doctor should be investigated as well. view
07/22/10 9:00a DenverCO284860ACZ1734I know this lady, she brags how they accidentally renewed her tag. view
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