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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Date Time Location State Placard# Lic Plate Comments
09/03/10 1:00p RaleighNC???? New YorkEUL4461 Ne9/3/2010 Silver Lexus, New York License Plate EUL4461, appears to be a HCPlacard on rearview mirror but unable to read numbers/dates. Two males, one female (? 30s and white) parked in HCP. All three ambulating quickly moving all extremities well wiithout resp/cardiac or difficulty noted to/from in/around store view
09/03/10 1:00p RaleighNCNoneZWY61869/3/2010, Burgundy car ? Chrysler parked in HCP, No HCPlacard Tag noted. view
09/03/10 0:30p WeymouthMANone15WV16This lady had a cane but there was no placard in the car. view
09/03/10 12:00a MilwaukeeWIP130087303RDBThis person parks at this spot every day. She works here, and is definitely not handicapped! The placard does not belong to her. view
09/03/10 9:00a Fort WorthTX2200691EDMRKR-293I have a picture but cannot upload from this email address. view
09/03/10 7:30a OceansideCA073451 h7S53976Driver transports his father who is disabled and wheelchair ridden...he parks in handicap spots when he can't park up front at work due to someone else in his spot. view
09/03/10 7:30a CantonMINoneBVL8664Middle-aged man with 4 children who lives on the 2nd floor of an apartment complex. Always parks this Honda Pilot or his silver BMW in a handicapped spot if no covered spots are available. No placard, and card is often equipped with bike rack. 11102 view
09/03/10 5:57a HarveyLAnoneTFV270No decal, no handicapped plate. view
09/03/10 0:15a CharlotteNCNT2Good!NT2GoodMan driving. Got out of car walking fine into the Bloom Grocery store. view
09/02/10 9:00p Jersy CityNJ1198HN3605The mother of resident living at this address was handicap,but she died several years ago yet they still have a reserved parking spot. No one in the house hold is handicap. view
09/02/10 6:00p PittsburghPAT212652ECZ-599This is an 18-year-old young girl who just moved in and is attending college, and is parking her car in "our" handicapped spaces (we believe this probably belongs to a grandfather or grandmother). She has been seen handing the placard to other younger people when she leaves so they can hang them on their vehicle rear view mirrors. She has also been seen drinking alcohol on the weekends on the porches and carrying on, throwing a heavy back pack on her back and running. This is becoming problematic for our elderly/handicapped. We can't figure out what house she's coming from so we can report it to the police to come and check out the number. view
09/02/10 0:45p HartfordCTnone182 PNCRepeat offender - parks in handicapped spaces without a permit almost every day of the school year. They are staff at The Learning Corridor in Hartford. view
09/02/10 12:00a DecaturINNoneNoneManagement has decided to use the handicapped spaces for display. No handicapped parking available! view
09/02/10 12:00a HartfordCTnone869 REWThis person repeatedly parks in the handicapped parking spaces or on the yellow lines. They are staff at The Learning Corridor in Hartford and do this almost every day of the school year. view
09/02/10 12:00a HartfordCTnone282 SFKParked in handicapped parking without a placard. All spaces were full so I had to limp down from the rooftop of the garage with my cane. 4 cars parked in the 8 handicapped spaces had no placard. view
09/02/10 8:00a PhoenixAZUnsure096VHAThis woman used to have a disabled son and that is why she has a placard. Her son died more than a year ago and she consistnely uses the placard still. She drives a red nissan altima and does this everywhere she goes. What kind of horrible person does that!? view
09/01/10 5:30p GreensboroNCPONY2000PONY200NC License plate PONY2000. There is no hang tag displayed nor could I see one inside the auto. Yet, driver of this Mustang chose to park in one of two handicap spaces available for this building. 11080 view
09/01/10 2:00p New HavenCTi couldnt read ir868 XYZThe person using this handicapped sticker clearly is not handicapped and is totally abusing the system view
09/01/10 0:15p HartfordCTnoneFCE2224This VW Beetle convertible with a NY plate parks in the handicapped space every day. They are a teacher or staff at The Learning Corridor in Hartford. view
09/01/10 0:15p HartfordCTnone182 PNCThis silver VW station wagon parks in the handicapped spaces here often. They are staff or faculty at The Learning Corridor in Hartford. view
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