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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Date Time Location State Placard# Lic Plate Comments
08/30/10 1:30p ReynoldsburgOHno placcarECE8954Large black Explorer was parked in the handicapped spot in the Big Lots store lot in front of the store. I checked to see if the license plate had a wheel chair photo on the license or a placard in the front window. Neither was available. The auto was parked illegally! I did not have a post it note with me and was unable to leave a message on the auto. view
08/30/10 8:30a LongportNJ349342OPFBX3781This women is about as handicapped as the man on the moon. This is her summer condo which is on the 2nd flr. She walks up and down the flight of concrete stairs at least 6 times a day. She swims in the pool and walks to the beach carrying her beach chair and cooler. The beach is approx .50 miles away and you must walk a distance in the sand to reach the beach. She does this with no problem at all. I think we have a crooked doctor who issued a phony claim. What a disgrace. Please investigate her. Thank you. view
08/30/10 7:45a HuntingtonWV1m542201BL 392Lady parks in handicapped spot closest to front of store. Works in Dr.'s office inside Kroger. Parks in space for 8 hour work shift. Clearly this lady is not handicapped, have witnessed her carrying large scales and boxes with no problem. view
08/29/10 12:00a BakersfieldCA000 0002FTT217large grey colored ford truck, the paint has been removed and it has large wheels on it. I don't have a picture but I have a picture that looks very similar to it. 11058 view
08/29/10 11:00a lake buena vistaFLS365205166572-MHWsilver 4 door sedan, Employee's vehicle, She is using an expired handicapped tag that does NOT belong to her NOR her vehicle. She was repeatedly warned and asked by coworkers to stop using a fraudulent tag but she refuses to. This tag has an expiration date of April 2008 and is still being used. view
08/29/10 10:00a ClearwaterFLnotsureABT V52Going into a club...parking in handicapped.. looks fine... tall with gray hair glasses..female.. late 50's view
08/29/10 0:30a lake buena vistaFLS365205166572-MHWhandicap tag does NOT belong to the vehicle nor it's owner. It expred in April 2008 and belonged to an ex-mother in law. view
08/28/10 6:00p chicagoILnone169 717I see this woman in the neighborhood with a handicap license plate and she is physically clearly NOT handicapped. She walks without a limp or cane or oxygen tank or difficulty. How can she qualify for a handicap license plate? please investigate cause I hate to see how some people can fraudulently get a handicap permit. view
08/28/10 6:10a Morehead CityNC10550cttz1085 no view
08/27/10 2:15p OceansideCA073451 H7S53976Driver transports his father who is disabled and wheelchair ridden...he parks in handicap spots when he can't park up front at work due to someone else in his spot. view
08/27/10 2:15p OceansideCA0734517S53976Driver transports his father who is disabled and wheelchair ridden...he parks in handicap spots when he can't park up front at work due to someone else in his spot. view
08/27/10 0:00p Mt IvyNYN/ATORRES1Dodge RAM 1500 red pickup truck. (At least) 2 occupants. view
08/27/10 9:00a PittsburghPAP133224EKT1105Car is driven by Ronald Thornton. He brags that it is is x-girlfriend's placard. He has been told several times that he cannot use another person's placard and park in handicap spot. He parks in handicap in back of building, walks down the hill to front of building then up stairs to the front doors. view
08/27/10 3:11a ChicagoILBA67019TL3 9620this car has been parking here for a least a week. It is my understanding that it belongs to the woman who is supposedly "Disabled" and has secured a disabled parking space on the street, although she actually parks in her building's parking garage. this street space is usually used by her visiting relatives. It's a crying shame that she misuses the system in the congested neighborhood. view
08/26/10 8:00p POUGHKEEPSIENYNONEECS6458 11049 view
08/26/10 7:45p GarnerNCY58228WYP5102HPTag Y58228, NC Plate # WYP5102 Blue Car Parked in VAN HANDICAP Space. Passenger BF ? 40s with BFTeen Driver got in/out low car and ambulated well into store moving all extremities well without any type handicaps noted. Able to push and unload cart of supplies without difficulty. Both are all smiles moving without difficulty. view
08/26/10 9:30a John's CreekGANo placard displayedAHD 1523Vehicle was a late model black Mercedes Benze S430. I believe the apparent owner has a bad case of attitude, as she easily exited the church went to the car, retrieved something and went back in. view
08/26/10 8:32a ChicagoILaf704763155880incredibly able bodied young woman parked in a handicap street parking space.People on the patio of the restaurant we were at questioned her and she became vicious towards us. She ran away in one direction after screaming at patrons daring them to call the cops, then about 20 minutes later she came back and ran into the building across the street. view
08/26/10 7:00a PhiladelphiaPA769748PKV 0197the tag isn't register to her it's registered to her momther who lives in delaware county and she uses the tag to park there when she can't find parking. this woman is not handicap and the space she parks in the man moved 5 months ago. view
08/26/10 7:00a LOS ANGELESCA4792885wwp033I am hadicap. I always parking hadicap parking lot. I saw several times next my hadicap parking who park all the time. They are not a hadicap at all. I don't know how to get the hadicap placard. They come 7:15AM to 07:45 AM and go home 03:15PM to 3:45PM everyday and everyday parking hadicapp. Nobody reported. view
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