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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Date Time Location State Placard# Lic Plate Comments
11/16/10 3:08a EdmondOKnone375ERCno placard. frequent offender view
11/15/10 7:00p Mount MorrisMI37595902JDG29Still telling her friends to park in her handicapped and on the double blue lines cause you wont get in trouble. Because management doesnt care about the rules here. view
11/15/10 5:00p Santa MonicaCA474107A6NYR874Two athletic young people got out of a sporty looking two seater car and walked into Whole Foods market after parking in a handicap car. No one else was with them. view
11/15/10 3:00p miamiFLsee plateu795zeA young man and his daughter. no sign of disability. huge truck. view
11/15/10 2:00p SouthportNCNONEYRT7452Overweight BF in older white plymouth 4-dr sedan in ONLY HCP space at P. O.! view
11/15/10 0:00p PhiladelphiaPA718933GVZ8114From 6AM to 2:30 PM view
11/15/10 9:45a PrattvilleALno numberLM-JMYoung couple parks in handicapped spot, and runs into store due to heavy rain,They had a half covered placard and i could not record number. they stayed about 15 mins and ran back to there car, Could not leave fraud note due to rain,The couple looked very abled-bodied to me.Shame on them. view
11/15/10 7:00a FairfaxVAVirginiaJ20526A young white man with dark hair, wearing a childish knapsack emerged from this older model dark green Toyota sedan with no discernible disability and a brisk step. view
11/14/10 6:00p Mt. MorrisMI37595902JDG29Allowing her friends to park on the double blue lines, told them that no one can do anything to them. Ahe doesn't park in her handicapped because she rather have her guest park there and on the double blue lines. view
11/14/10 4:00p San MarcoisTXSee plateDV5 JDMTall, slender young man carrying an armload of takeout food, driving maroon GMC SUV. Walking briskly, looked very healthy to me and did not appear to be a disabled vet. view
11/14/10 11:00a RUTHERFORDNJP405534YUE 97Xwoman in her late 30s or 40s in high heels. obviously no handicap. view
11/14/10 2:27a North Little RockARnone823KLXno plackard view
11/13/10 2:30p Lenoir CityTNno tag209 ZDKYoung looking people (late teen-mid 20's) parked in Handicap spot in front of grocery store in their white Ford with small spare tire on back left wheel. No tags or placard and they were smoking and running back and forth from store to car, multiple times. view
11/13/10 7:34a DewittNY1929166duk9296women driver no visible handicap view
11/12/10 10:01p New OrleansLA264388264388This is the second time I've seen this guy bike up to this spot, collapse the bike, load it into the car alone, and then drive away with no one else in the vehicle. view
11/12/10 4:15p LaurelMDDT94456KNY 397Non-pregnant woman still using handicap sticker as a matter of convenience. view
11/12/10 4:15p LaurelMDDT94456KNY 397Daily, this woman parks in the handicap space at the local train station. However, she walks further in Union Station, located in Washington, DC, just to get to the train. view
11/12/10 1:00p St CloudMNNo PlacardYHH 189 view
11/12/10 8:30a Saratoga SpringsNY2897517CPN3089This woman has mentioned in the past that she is using her ex boyfriend's handicapped tag. She doesn't in the least bit seem handicapped. She walks all the time for exercise. The ex boyfriend's name is martin Goosens. This woman is parked in the handicapped spot Monday - Friday during the school hours. I know her and do not want to be identified. view
11/12/10 7:00a PhiladelphiaPA718933GVZ8114 PAthis vehical parks in the same spot everyday from 6AM to 2:30PM. Woman is in mid 20's with a job that requires walking all day. view
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