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Date Time Location State Placard# Lic Plate Comments
06/05/11 3:15p Overland ParkKSN/AMG6 N6MAttached, please find a photo of the offending vehicle 12850 view
06/05/11 3:15p MissionKSNoneMG6 N6MWhen this pic was e-mailed to the company, the response I received from Stacy Goldberg suggested, "Take your wasted energy and turn it into positive energy..." - I don't consider my efforts wasted energy!! 12862 view
06/04/11 10:11p Gulf BreezeFL140611-LA140611(loulady and two daughters (see photo) with no visible handicap, parked in handicap spot, while plenty of parking available in vincinity! 12843 view
06/04/11 8:05p TaylorvilleILNo tagMeg K 8 view
06/04/11 6:15p ColumbusOHDon't knowEKD24772 30ish aged ladies in high heels walked perfectly well from a car half parked in a handicap spot and half out, covering the striped walkway. I did not get the permit #. Seen walking into the AMC Lennox Theater at 777 Kinnear Rd. Car is a red buick or oldsmobile. view
06/04/11 3:00p ChicagoIL49283717 281They are not disable they got cause elderly lady the funny.part.is they never take her anywhere, but they have there parking saved. Saturday they go and party cause they know they have there parking. view
06/04/11 3:00p Manhattan BeachCA5TEP8715TEP871Obviously healthy lady walking around neighborhood. view
06/04/11 2:00p RobesoniaPAT232242FLP4809I don't know if he is trying to collect disability because he does not work.He just moved in with the other people who rent this address. Last week he came out of the house with a brace on his leg and walking with a cane down the sidewalk. That same afternoon he was walking of the walkway in the backyard without the brace and cane. He plays wiffle ball with the kids. He never limps. Please look into this view
06/04/11 9:00a novatoCA868022HRUBIELDaughter uses her elderly mothers placard almost a daily basis to get covered, garage parking. red ford focus, and red mercedez SLK 350, new, no plates view
06/03/11 6:00p JoplinMOnonezkgos7red suv parked in only hc space. view
06/03/11 5:30p GoletaCAD 5883614MQW770Hispanic looking, maybe Greek? gentleman got out of car walked into Kmart just fine like anybody else would. No limp no crutches no wheelchair. Pretended not to understand me when challenged didn't speak an intelligent word just grunted as if he didn't understand English, yet clearly understood what I was talking about, showing me the placard. Uploading photo of possible offender I also have photos of placard and license plate on car. 12841 view
06/03/11 4:30p los AngelesCA473269 A4vgv167The persian guy who got out of this vehicle was completely fit... ran around with his kids in the parking lot before going into the walgreens. 12858 view
06/03/11 3:30p ResedaCAA8019204ZAB912Lady RAN 300 feet to starbucks. Then 10 min later ran back and left. view
06/03/11 1:00p PasadenaCAcould read5NORO53This person does not appear handicapped. He is also working the CHP baseball cap in the rear window scam too. view
06/03/11 0:00p clarksvilleMD584 214did not gewoman got out of white subaru talking on cell phone and walked briskly into grocery store view
06/03/11 11:00a Los AngelesCAA6557445zga161This woman was perfectly fine, not a thing wrong with her!!! view
06/03/11 8:00a san fernandoCA6BKX4906BKX490Person parking here is not handicapped......uses family handicap permit to park in handicap parking, does this everyday. M- F view
06/02/11 8:02p West HollywoodCAmultiplemultithis is the metro headquarters. they have 6 handicapped spaces. all taken by employees with placards view
06/02/11 7:00p Morro BayCANone in CA918 KNG918 KNG British Columbia is the plate. Although these people have been living in California for many years they continue to register in Canada view
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