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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Date Time Location State Placard# Lic Plate Comments
10/24/10 4:00p BreCAdid not get info5VX443Woman quickly pulled in to parking slot, pulled garment bags from passengers back side of car, quickly ran into Nordstrom. This was a woman nicely dressed, attractive, apparently good use of lower extremties, no shortness of breath observed view
10/24/10 3:00p TemeculaCANone displayedTUYETNo visible handicap card. Parked well over 30 minutes 11405 view
10/24/10 9:00a chicago ridgeILba44357h685514this was a young man who appeared to park in the handicapped space because he didn't want anyone to scratch his nice car! view
10/24/10 9:00a chicago ridgeILac06597x885343this was a young able body woman with her young child walking into the health club. Both had no signs of a physical disability view
10/23/10 9:00p dobbs ferryNY2876587bgw5953 view
10/23/10 8:30p ApexNCdo not knowVYY2530White Jeep Compass parked at Creekside Hills Apartments. Placard is expired (9/10). Vehicle parks in handicapped parking on a daily basis, usually from between 9 pm until 6:30 am. view
10/23/10 3:00p tucsonAZn/a838 PGEthe car parked directly in front of the building which is a rehab pool for people w/ physical problems + the car was at an angle and blocked another space. view
10/22/10 8:00p Dobbs ferryNY2876587bvw5581use some one else tag to get a spot in front of their home. Then they park in front of handicap spot. leave the handicap spot open. There is no one in there home who is handicap. view
10/22/10 6:09p ArlingtonVANONEBNR 8225REPEAT OFFENDER 3rd time in a row. light blue 4door Ford. view
10/22/10 4:00p fort smithAR12/31/2013876 LCPYoung couple pulled up in Silver Nissan Xterria, put placard on mirror so you couldn;t see the number, Neither one was handicapped.12 view
10/22/10 1:45p RexGAno placardBKW7720Parked in ONLY handicap spot without any placard or tag. Lady refused to move when informed of conditional spot. Chevrolet Suburban -gold view
10/22/10 12:00a charlotteNCgs 20 37.6bud4ever4 women going to wolfman pizza. none of course were handicap view
10/22/10 12:00a bakersfieldCA381177ndee gepguy and wife parks the car and clearly is not disabled. went into panda express for lunch. please check placard view
10/22/10 11:00a SenecaSChiddenBLY6890This is the picture to my fraud report from 10 minutes ago... 11397 view
10/22/10 10:00a SenecaSCcoveredBLY6890THIS WHITE HONDA has a GEORGIA TAG, BLY 6890. One 2nd occassion of seeing this young, 30-ish man & his wife walk park in a handicapped space at Wal-Mart, I politely asked him if he was aware that it was a handicapped space, he just loses on me and starts yelling. I said I'm sorry, I just don't see your tag. He points to window and it is jammed so far under the glass, I can't see the number. I give him a look & leave, he yells that I am dumbass. I reported to Wal Mart managers, & told not much they could do! So I am doing this in hopes it will stop. I see too many old folks with legitimate tags driving that lot looking for an open space. I pray I never get to park in those spaces! What a nasty man. Hope I can post the picture when it gets delivered to my email. view
10/22/10 9:45a Huber HeightsOH0000DNZ 1037 view
10/22/10 9:00a Huber heightsOH00000DNZ 1037 view
10/22/10 9:00a Huber HeightsOH0000DNZ1037 view
10/22/10 6:45a SuitlandMD421631A148940Slightly overweight Af. Am. male, undetermined age. Parks in 2nd floor handicapped spot, walks down the stairs and through the building just fine. No limp, no slowing. Walking to the elevators in the building is 500ft from this spot and he does it just fine. 11392 view
10/21/10 6:08p ArlingtonVANONEBNR 8225REPEAT OFFENDER- light blue 4 door Ford. view
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