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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Date Time Location State Placard# Lic Plate Comments
04/12/11 10:00a chattanoogaTN846485a699 crgThis was a TN license plate. The woman who got out SKIPPED into the store. She was obviously using someone else's placard. view
04/12/11 9:00a OaklandCA8304035XEZ685 view
04/12/11 8:00a WIWIP31977247785ECo-worker with a White Toyota SUV. Has been parking with handicap tag for months now after she hurt her shoulder. To add insult, she is a part of our emergency team so if someone needs CPR etc she is suppose to handle it. How can she handle it if she can't walk the 20 feet from the handicap stall to the front door (30 - 50 feet without tag!) Abuse!!! view
04/11/11 6:00p LOS ANGELESCAunable to read5JLW985Neighbor has a placard on his beige chevy tahoe and parks in the handicapp blue area of curb. The purpose of the placard was for him to transport his mother back and for from dr office, however his mother passed away a year ago and still uses his handicap placard. How can someone continue to use it when they are fully cabaples of walking view
04/11/11 12:30a kNloeapuGAiPmzcrMPZBgnUViRh9jPxoQ That's a mold-breaker. Great thinking! view
04/11/11 12:30a WNwwkLlGUPTOAKYfALwMWyQhIYGRQrSepFgr5l Got it! Thanks a lot again for helping me out! view
04/11/11 12:15a BoardmanOHnoneetn 803Person parked in handicapped spot no handicap sticker of tag. view
04/11/11 9:30a EJgwpkCDQRILadaJcxLZYckpHMcGXReal brain power on dsilpay. Thanks for that answer! view
04/10/11 10:15p gfBcZiwVAIDsibRDvBtDelNeJyTiUhwtsa THX that's a great answer! view
04/10/11 9:15p TAswqNlsYlAKHvxbOIkTFFrhsRavLpLQXiw Touchdown! That's a really cool way of putting it! view
04/10/11 8:15p San MarcosTXHanging75GBB4Small white truck. Young healthy-appearing Hispanic couple, woman wearing high heels, no obvious handicaps. view
04/10/11 7:49p Staten IslandNYnoneEGD4994parked in a handicapped zone 12409 view
04/10/11 6:00p bearDE543614543614 view
04/10/11 6:00p bearDE??543614 view
04/10/11 0:30p BurbankCA339558A3WCY655Young couple went into parking lot C, parked in a blue handicapped spot and displayed the permit noted above. They did not appear to be handicapped...they may be just seemed not as they ran down the street to get to the terminal...did not use the shuttle. view
04/10/11 10:30a YoungstownPA159681P2REDHOTYoung woman in a red camaro always parks in the handicapped spot. Have picture of her, running, in high heels, leaving church early to get to her car with no difficulty at all. Only 2 spots for the church. I have to drive my folks there and drop them off and pick them up because of no spots. Every week I see her coming out early and jogging to her car in high heels. 12429 view
04/10/11 8:00a Sierra VistaAZNoneAML9474This person parks here daily and does not have a handicap license plate or tag displayed. 12415 view
04/10/11 3:01a Deer ParkNM2636289fak7880the person took a handicap spot and was able to run into the store view
04/10/11 0:30a FridleyMNnoneRAZ864Perfectly healthy individual. Parked in handicap spot at Menards on a busy day. No placecard, no license designation. view
04/10/11 0:30a FridleyMNnoneRAZ864Perfectly healthy individual parked in handicap lot at a Menards on a busy day. No placecard or license designation. view
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