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Date Time Location State Placard# Lic Plate Comments
04/07/12 0:00a AnaheimCA???????pluto 22 able-bodied people in their late 30s, early 40s got into a Chevy, neither was handicapped in the slightest. view
04/06/12 5:00p sullivanILnonenajar 4this woman has been usuing these plates when her husband was sick and he passed away two years ago and she stilol has handicap plates and uses the reguarly to park in handicap spots i thought she had to change plates when he passed awsy she is not handicapped view
04/06/12 5:00p oakridge,ORn/aydk392 lasI noticed this family has a handicapped tag in their window. Since they have already been in trouble with ordinance permits, it surprised me to see they have this permit. The husband is on an ATV and riding lawn mower all the time. He cuts down trees and gets on top of his roof. They do have a elderly mother living with them. She walks around the property fine. She never leaves the house. The wife works 3 days a week as a medical assistant. First job she ever had in her life. She is in her late 40's and her husnamd is in his mid 60's. They made their mother sell her home in California and move in with them. They put her in a little shack near a doublewide home. They tore down an aspestor trailer home without a permit. They hook up electricity to a motor home that is parked over their septic.Trust me they know how to abuse the system. They already live illegal as far as the ordinance codes go and we could go on and on from what we know and have seen. I get discouraged when I see abuse like this. There are other people out there who do deserve a handicapped permit. These people do not qualify. I believe his wife got it for herself as she uses the car for th most part.Like I mentioned this man is not handicapped if he can do all the things I mentioned he is doing. Plus the wife uses the car for her job and my guess is so she can park in the handicapped zone.I hope that this is looked at. Yes, we may sound like nosy neighbors. We have to be with these kind of people who moved in next door. We were here 13 years. Had to go to court. You name it, plus indecent exposure. Lots more. I felt I needed to mention it all so you can look it all up and then you may want to look at the handicapped permit. view
04/06/12 11:15a DorchesterMAnone66This is the 2nd or 3rd time this car has been in a HP spot with no placard in the car. view
04/06/12 9:00a BurbankILP16006955756889African american female in the Banfield in Petsmart blue jeans dark top view
04/06/12 7:02a DeWittNY3249685DUV 5661women not physically handicapped. 14538 view
04/06/12 0:54a BeavertonORnone visible125 vicchase bank parking lot no placard visible no disabled people entering or exiting vehicle person moved car before I got the photo with the app...I have a photo in my phone that shows the car in the disabled parking space.. it would not attach for some reason I am state of Oregon investigator DPSST # 24051 view
04/06/12 0:31a BeavertonOR950983997dpfplacard date has been erased and no people in vehicle appear to have any mobility issues as they were all carrying large items out of store. I am state of Oregon investigator DPSST #24051 view
04/05/12 11:45a GreenvilleKYnone1377 CKPick up truck using handicapped parking spot, did not have permit. view
04/05/12 11:00a el monteCANA5cot106healthy person driving different cars keep using someone else placard view
04/05/12 10:00a SacramentoCAF 3250194JRN334Stocky guy who usually carpools with his Dad. But, alot of the time he rides solo using his Dad's handicap placard. I'm just guess, because he isn't handicap in anyway that I can see. 14526 view
04/05/12 5:23a LouisvilleKYnone685 DRTNo placard or plate and parked in a handicapped parking space. view
04/05/12 1:02a McAllenTXb01510446pby6f314parked and sat for an extended period of time waiting for another party. then walked into commercial business without any visible handicap. view
04/05/12 1:02a McAllenTXb01510446pby6f314parked and sat for an extended period of time waiting for another party. then walked into commercial business without any visible handicap. view
04/04/12 9:00p west hollywoodCA?????????cars are being parked at the 3 meters on the northeast corner of this intersection offering them FOR SALE and they always have handicapped placards so they can stay there day and night for free in a high traffic area view
04/04/12 8:00a WichitaKS72507250. SGThis person has a permanent handicapped license plate but she seems to get around without any visible ailment. I even see her out walking over the lunch hour. view
04/04/12 1:00a DublinOHnoneFHC4127This person has parked in the handicap unloading zone multiple times making it impossible for someone in the handicap spot to get out. view
04/04/12 0:45a rialtoCAnone4el6911ROMA food delivery truck #94611 parked in two handicapped spaces infront of pizza place while unloading, and also blocking traffic through the parking lot view
04/03/12 6:30p San MarcosTX6TS ZX6TS ZXInteresting turn of events. The 30-something Hispanic woman driving the small bluish car just reported as not handicapped came out of the hospital with a young 25-30-looking Hispanic girl. The girl reached into a silver SUV (the current license plate reported above) and handed the other woman a sweater. Then, the younger girl got into the previous small bluish car and left. I assume now that they are in the same family and just exchanged cars. Does that entire family have handicapped privileges???? view
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