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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Handicapped Parking Fraud
Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Date Time Location State Placard# Lic Plate Comments
04/22/10 5:00p San FranciscoCA650619H5XMW211Uses handicap placard to park at meter all day view
04/22/10 4:45p TacomaWAP959769550-VDHWitnessed this person pulling up for a CPR class at the fire station and parking in the handicapped spot. A young lady jumped out and trotted into class. (maybe she was late?) She was the driver and there were NO passengers in the car. Just her. view
04/22/10 2:30p PerrysburgOHunknownDMX8265Younger lady, takes placard out of purse or maybe hidden in car somewhere, places placard in dashboard so you cannot see the numbers. Leaveing work, pulls placard out of dash and drives off view
04/22/10 1:30p St CloudMNNo PlacardRPT 111 view
04/22/10 1:30p St. CloudMNNo PlacardALETHA view
04/22/10 1:15p St. CloudMNNo Placard329 APJ2 young people sitting & waiting for another young person in first handicapped parking space. view
04/22/10 1:15p St. CloudMNNo Placard329 APJ2 young people sitting & waiting for another young person in first handicapped parking space. view
04/22/10 12:00a GrapevineTXR000119773PHGJ782Parked in a handicap parking spot and got out and retrieved golf clubs from the trunk and walked with no problem up to the club house and then back down to the carts with no problem in walking either way. view
04/22/10 12:00a HuntsvilleALP24532841C43W6This vehicle is parked outside area of parking deck at Huntsville International Airport, Huntsville, AL. The female individual driving the car is not impaired. She is traveling with a young toddler. I suspect that the car is still in the parking lot. view
04/22/10 8:00a HopkinsvilleKYNA814 JXVdriver parked in ACCESS AREA btwn the only 2 HC spots. no one prkd in HC spots. 2 open reg spots nxt to HC spots. 2nd report. carries child while in 4" heels. no HC plaque/plates. reported to daycare after 1st report. still parks there. view
04/22/10 7:45a HopkinsvilleKYUNK291 KTBno HC plates. unk HC plaque b/c dark tint windows. parked in 1 of 2 HC spots. open reg spots nxt to violator. If HC plaque, child ran into daycare w/driver running/chasing after child. no other passengers. view
04/21/10 6:45p San MarcosTX???070WHNThree young Hispanics parked a navy blue sports car in Handicapped, proceeded to open the trunk, get out supplies, clean the tires and the windshield, etc. None looked handicapped. No license plate handicap emblem, could'nt see front as car backed in. view
04/21/10 0:00p TroyMI0-6749CW-G23The owner of the car, Vanessa Lucas, uses her mother's handicap permit daily This reported abuse is for while she is at work in the office tower located at this address. view
04/21/10 11:30a BrickervillePANoneETP-300A Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo was parked in one of the two Handicapped spaces in front of the Brickerville Family Restaurant at the corner of 322 and 501 in Lititz, PA 17543. There were no Handicapped license plate nor tag hangin from the mirror or visor view
04/21/10 11:00a San FranciscoCA062861KOFSUPAThis person's grandparent are disabled and possess the handicapped parking tag. This person has been abusing it by using his grandparents tag displayed in his car while he is not disabled. He has been parking in Irving Street between 19th to 20th Avenue. view
04/21/10 8:00a tampaFLA68538792201GQThis person is to young and in good shape to be parking in Hadicap space. I think this placard in not belong to her. This person is drive. Make:Chevrolet Model: Lumina Tag# 2201GQ Color: Green view
04/21/10 8:00a Overland pARKKS770437029 CBFAlmost every day at the gym a guy pulls up in a blue BMW 5 series. He works out no different than me and has no handicap, but he parks in a handicap spot. My brother is a quad so I see this as complete abuse. view
04/21/10 8:00a AtlantaGAp1459610XXXXXXYellow Mustag, person is abusing the Handicap Permit view
04/21/10 3:00a San FranciscoCA0682861KOFSUPAThis car parks around here seven days a week every morning in a yellow zone. Apparently, this person is a teenager and does seem to have any disability. This has been very inconvinient for us unloading goods because of this abuse. view
04/21/10 1:29a EnglewoodCOno tags043-ILA view
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