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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Date Time Location State Placard# Lic Plate Comments
11/06/08 1:00p KetteringOHNoneBR95KDDark gray Chevy Malibu No placcard No HC tags view
11/09/07 0:00a HoustonTXnaHNL 7DVDark gray Dodge Grand Caravan Sport SUV whipped into the last remaining handicapped space at 2:15pm. Driver, a balding, paunchy, early middle age male, apparently in good health, hopped out and walked energetically into store. view
05/31/08 7:00p Woodland HillsCANONE5WJH825Dark Gray Nissan Altima in a disabled spot outside of the Home Depot in Woodland Hills. No disabled plates nor placard being displayed. 4942 view
02/01/11 10:00a OaklandCAtbd6KWG375Dark gray Nissan Pathfinder. Asian woman in her 20's walked across street to Rockridge BART. She does not appear to have any disablity even walked quickly up the escalator to the BART station. Will check again tomorrow to find placard tag #. view
12/29/07 6:45p Huber HtsOHNONEDGL7086Dark gray or dark silver late model Ford SUV with OHIO registration. NO handicap card displayed, no Handicap license plate. view
12/11/07 2:00p PriceUTNone524 USRDark gray Saturn with Utah plates. Third time observed in a handicapped space. view
12/21/07 7:30a AnaheimCANone4HYL841Dark Gray Toyota Camry parked in a Handicapped slot during a busy time of the day when seniors visit establishment which offers specials. view
02/03/10 4:00p MiddletonIDnone2C Y3675Dark Gray/Black Nissan SUV Has been parked in the space for hours. No handicap placard or license plate. Not the first time they have done this. view
04/14/08 9:45p SouthavenMSnone985FQDDark Green Car with Shelby County TN tags. Two men were just sitting in car and the driver was using a laptop computer. No handicap placard or tag. view
12/21/08 10:30a RoswellGANoneAGN 929Dark green Dodge Grand Caravan with Gwinnett tags and no displayed handicap parking permit uses a space in front of building #3 as his/her own personal parking space. Have reported to leasing office with no results. Apartment complex is Grande Oaks view
12/20/07 1:00p tunkhannockPAnoneyja3168dark green dodge pickup truck ram 500 v8 magnimum. date 12-20-07 3:25 pm. parked in ahandicapped designated for handicapped persons. view
01/11/08 6:00p KeokukIAnone665 TNADark green Ford Tempo with no placard or handicapped plate. view
01/08/13 6:45p HoustonTXNot seen wellTGT 166Dark green Honda Accord parked in handicap reserved space at Viet Hoa Supermarket with handicap placard hanged. Young female at her 30-40 year of age, walking normal with no physical handicap looking. Just another handicap placard abused at that location again. view
01/12/08 11:45a SanatogaPAnoneFJN 3869Dark green Mercury Sable. Lady got out & walked BRISKLY into store. Man sitting in car got out & swore at me when he saw i was getting his liscense number. view
06/16/08 8:00a CincinnatiOH1X38456CMM3147Dark Green or Black Nissan, Either teacher or student at college. view
12/07/07 0:30a PriceUTNone517 VPVDark green Saturn. Fifth time observed in a handicapped space. view
02/04/08 1:30p PriceUTNone517 VPVDark green Saturn. Seventh time observed in a handicapped space. view
01/25/08 5:00p PriceUTNone517 VPVDark green Saturn. Sixth time observed in this space. view
12/05/07 2:00p PriceUTNone517 VPVDark green Saturn. Utah plates. Fourth time observed in a handicapped space. view
10/23/07 0:00a flandersNJnoneUSX10LDark Green Stratus, displaying no placard or plate, BUT MT OLIVE TWSP FIRE MARSHALL. Nice example for a public official, but this is New Jersey. view
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