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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Handicapped Parking Fraud
Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Date Time Location State Placard# Lic Plate Comments
01/20/08 2:00p HialeahFLA5221156W493EGDriver J. Lopez was cited with Miami Dade ticket 3714GAH. He was driving a blue, Lincoln, SUV. Blue Sky is a restaurant. He was using a placard not his and the placard owner was not in the vehicle. I am a PO #0429, view
01/29/08 10:45a HialeahFLA4845278W694NEDriver J. Monroy, driving a blue Chevy, was using his wife's placard. She was not in the car when he pulled in the disabled space. He was alone. He was cited with Miami Dade ticket 3672GAH. I am a PO ID#0429. view
06/12/08 4:00p AustinTX7182JRDVC 262Driver Jamie Robinson using deceased father's parking placard to park in handicapped parking, has been doing it for a year view
05/02/08 11:00a AustinTX7182JR017 WHRDriver Jamie Robinson using disabled permit issued to James Robinson who DIED JUNE 2007; NO disability, tells people she has athsma but has no permit uses the dead father's permit - has done so since June 2007 view
06/27/11 0:30a BrentwoodCA297387 H6JDB776driver jumped out of car to meet her teenage son and rushed into restaurant vehicle also had rear mounted bike rack 13013 view
02/03/08 2:45p HialeahFLA4308672XZ3DBGDriver L. Planas, driving a blue, Mercury was cited, Miami Dade ticket 3700 GAH, for illegal parking in a disabled space. He was using his mom's placard and she was at home. I am a PO, Id#0429. view
01/07/08 9:15a HIALEAHFLA5104421Q671IKDriver L. Rosero was ARRESTED for using a 4 yr old girl's placard. He was alone in the vehicle, a silver Ford SUV, and had no placard for himself. He was cited with Miami Dade ticket 2016GAG for UNLAWFUL USE OF A DISABLED PLACARD. My PO Id # 0429. view
05/20/08 11:45a maple groveMNmn 632700gsn 794driver left the car running into the building. there may have been a disabled person in the vehicle, but just the driver with no visibile disability, ran into the store. the other occupants did not leave the vehicle gray honda. view
05/06/08 11:45a San FranciscoCA298998 L5FJJ351Driver looks healthy and the bike racks on the roof well used. This car is parked for days in the same spot on our street. Makes one suspicious that perhaps the owner might want to rent a parking spot like the rest of us. 4309 view
01/30/08 11:15a HialeahFLA6100700P908MZDriver M Morejon was driving a silver Toyota. She was cited with Miami Dade ticket # 3688GAH. Driver was using a family member's placard. Driver was alone in the vehicle when she pulled into the disabled space. I am a PO ID#0429. view
01/29/08 10:45a HialeahFLunknownW54SGRDriver M. Guerra, driving a grey, Chevy, SUV, was cited with Miami Dade ticket 3673GAH for completely blocking the disabled access aisle between two disabled spaces. I am PO ID#0429. view
01/07/08 11:00a HIALEAHFLnone displayedV762WNDriver M. G_____l was cited with Miami Dade ticket 2020GAG for parking in a disabled space with no placard. She was alone in the car. She was driving a grey, Nissan. I am employed as a PO, Id #0429. view
11/28/11 10:45p HamburgNYnoneCTT8720Driver male gray haired, with moustache. Talking on cell phone when he pulled he. Talked outside from the time he pulled he till police arrived. No apparrent handicap, no placard, no handicap licence plate. Police called 12:15 arrived 12:30. Unknown if ticket was issaue view
04/22/13 9:00a SMITHTOWNNY3487097DABABY1Driver must work in this bldg. She puts sticker up after pkg vehicle. Doesn't seem to have any visible signs of disability nor is she elderly. view
05/18/11 7:00a LewistownPA629386PDTE9597Driver name "Clarice". Illegally uses husband's permit to park in handicap spaces around town and while at work and has been using it like it is her own. view
02/26/10 0:15a SeattleWANo Placard200-ZLNDriver Name: Bob Hessey Car: White Chrystler GL 990 4 Matic Also, thought it was funny that he parked illegally. No placard, no license plate sticker. view
03/29/08 11:15a MississaugaCA1054904ANVC254Driver not any disibility and no passangers view
02/03/10 3:00p DELHILAnoneSNB 267DRIVER NOT HANDICAPPED view
08/01/10 9:45a CharlotteNCNONEYWN9195Driver not handicapped without handicap placard parking in front of Harris Teeter. Left kids in car while she ran into store. view
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