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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Date Time Location State Placard# Lic Plate Comments
07/19/09 2:00p AugustaGAunknown9874AJSClear violator using someone else's tag. I was walking into Target, watched this woman pull in, jump out of her car, and practically jog into the store. I was so dumbfounded I didn't even say anything, but snapped a photo of the plate when I left. 8266 view
08/17/13 3:00p Silver SpringMD89321ce89321ceClearly able-bodied man practically skipped into store while using handicapped parking space and tag view
08/25/11 9:30a GreenbraeCA20135vlu192Clearly ambulatory and healthy female in her 40's. Long blond hair. There was ample parking all around but she wanted to park in front of Trader Joe's for convenience. She was in there for 20 minutes shopping. She had the blue/white permanent sign in the window of her silver mercedes. view
01/13/15 11:30a Los AngelesCAH7721477AHV500Clearly fake. view
04/13/11 9:00p OrindaCA772757H5DVS644clearly non-disabled 60+ year old woman 12441 view
01/22/14 10:00a MARTINEZCAH 0808896NJH699Clearly not at all handicap. Parks in a metered spot every day, uses placard to not pay the meter to park. view
11/24/12 3:00p EmeryvilleCAF5932456CLT762Clearly not disabled woman with children. Parked car and entered Sports Authority store to shop. view
04/23/14 0:00a DanvilleDC21056XKD823Clearly not handicapped and always takes the spots of patients who truly need that closer spot view
07/01/14 2:00p San DiegoCAN/A7BVV391Clearly not handicapped, no placard visible. White male, 5'9" tall, blonde medium length hair and a slight gut. Had a little girl with him. view
02/03/13 11:00a LakewoodCO854 THH854 THHClearly not handicapped, walks around holding cane while walking dog. She even puts a cone in the handicapped spot so that no actual handicapped people can park there while she's gone. 16168 view
09/21/14 7:00p WarwickRI15536794030Clearly not handicapped. Obtained pass fraudantly. view
12/13/13 0:30p ChicagoILBB59174p253244Clearly the young gentleman who got out of the drivers side was not handicapped and he was alone. He walked prefectly fine. view
11/27/14 3:00p san marcosTXbmk 5536bmk 5536Clearly to able bodied people in a giant truck just got out and walked to black Friday shopping. view
12/04/08 6:00a WilloughbyOHnoneAC71HCCleveland Clinic. Black Chevy truck. Parked in lined space overlapping into handicapped space so no one could park there. view
11/15/07 0:00a CincinnatiOH1x86930EFH729DClose to the entrance, a black cadilac was parked in a handicap space. view
06/06/09 0:00p BridgetonNJNoneNJM-66NClosest parking space to the entry 7890 view
03/29/11 9:00p ArvadaCOCA693 TNACO plate, white car, with CA handicap tag. Hispanic male, mid-20s, parked at King Soopers parking lot. view
04/12/11 8:00a WIWIP31977247785ECo-worker with a White Toyota SUV. Has been parking with handicap tag for months now after she hurt her shoulder. To add insult, she is a part of our emergency team so if someone needs CPR etc she is suppose to handle it. How can she handle it if she can't walk the 20 feet from the handicap stall to the front door (30 - 50 feet without tag!) Abuse!!! view
10/08/13 7:41p CharlestownMAP67640798MA 90UBco-worker. isn't handicapped- has a bad knee from too much golf. view
04/11/08 3:00p OxnardCAN/A4AS3409Coca-Cola delivery trucks, apparenty feel deliveries are more important than handcapped peoples accesibility 3900 view
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