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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Date Time Location State Placard# Lic Plate Comments
01/30/09 0:30a KeokukIA***NONE***MR JLMChevy Siverado not only parked in handicapped space but also blocking half of wheel-chair ramp. 7159 view
11/07/07 0:00a WilmingtonNCnoneLXM4766Chevy Suburban view
02/14/08 3:00p MaryvilleTNNoneTN 304NP7Chevy Tahoe - She smugly walked from the vehicle while her husband sat there view
05/13/08 4:00p LovelandCO017733WTRBOYChevy Truck owner had back surgery a year ago.Has been released to return to work. When he drives his "classic" car he parks way out and walks in. Our job entails alot of walking and stairs but he continues to use his placard everywhere he goes. view
04/07/08 2:00p WarrenOHUnknownBR57WJChevy Truck parked across marked area for unloading Wheelchairs in Van parking for Handicapped. 3807 view
04/16/13 4:00p San MarcosCA102148 H6Y77372Chevy truck with male driver using someone else's placard. view
09/18/08 1:45p PriceUTNoneZ91-8ECChey Malibu. Tan color. Utah plates. view
12/14/13 10:30a ChicagoILNoneMP6234Chicago Police Officer shopping at KMart on duty and parked halfway in disabled space, even though there was plenty of room that would have left the space clear for anyone needing it. Shame on you CPO. 18125 view
11/10/08 9:00p ChicagoILad28475vxu785Chicago proves itself to be home of government corruption. Sells handicap tags to restaurant workers so they don't have to pay the meters in downtown Chicago. Illegal immigrants don't pay so law abiding citizens can pay twice as much. view
02/19/08 11:00a ChicagoILnone5760672Chicago Public employee Female using parking as private spot for smoking breaks. view
02/14/08 0:30a ChicagoILnone5760672Chicago Public employee with no handicap parking in spot for convience. Have people with HC tag but are to scare to say anything. view
08/03/10 9:00p jermynPA57087630405708763040child day care has 2 handicap signs hung on telephone poll, uses them for their entrance/exit to parkiing lot, for freight deliveries, employees and owners park their cars in handicap areas. also this facility has no handicap access outside and inside view
06/30/10 1:00p rialtoCAnone6ala778child left in car, mother did not apear disabled view
04/17/12 5:15p FontanaCANone present5XOW247Chili's Restaurant - Jaguar XK (somewhat suspicious already) parked in 1 of only 2 Handicapped spots, no DP plate or placard, while dining. Further, CA issues and requires a front license plate. TOW TRUCKS WELCOME! 14612 view
06/25/10 0:49a SacramentoCAnone6GLW178chronic 2 photos includes: plate photo, and photo of car from side view
06/25/10 0:55a SacramentoCAnone6GLW178Chronic view
10/09/07 0:00a flandersNJnonevmk66jChry Grand Caravan, no placard or plates parked in handicapped spot @ church nursery school view
02/16/13 4:15p HumbleTXNone VisibleBV2 Z482Chrylser Sebring parked in handicap parking spot in front of Radio Shack in Kroger Shopping Center. Unknown driver. Vehicle was parked into the handicap ramp space, leaving very little room for a wheel chair or motorized chair to use. Vehicle was parked about 30 mins. view
04/27/08 7:00p Dickson CityPAnoneGME5736Chrysler Town & country view
01/26/10 12:00a ArlingtonTXna111-NHGChrysler 300 keeps parking in handicap spot for weeks now -- person must work in this building but never displays handicap tag - have watched this person walk to and from car numerous times does not appear to be handicapped view
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