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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Date Time Location State Placard# Lic Plate Comments
01/16/14 1:00p port charlotteFL12-19-i6bwlao6dave has been asked several times not to park in disabled for he himself is not he sais he will tell police his wife is on a boat he is waiting,i have known him for@ 18 months and never met his wife dave sais he will not pay for parking , i am disabled and had to park a distance from the pear witchis far for me and other disabled people view
07/17/14 4:00p LongboatkeyFLJ459458LYN714David has been seen carrying large packages and groceries. He walks just fine. He had one handicap card that expired and now has another. He lives in FL and the tag is from CA. He is abusing the system. He drives an old Blue Honda sedan that is piled high with junk inside. view
12/19/12 12:00a ChicagoILBB28799P676230David Litvinov uses a permanent handicap placard to park in zoned areas while show real estate listings. He was showing a listing at 225-227 West Scott. He is perfectly healthy and is using it while driving IL plate #P676230 15922 view
01/17/10 8:00a NAshvilleTNNONE891 QQKDavidson County Tennessee License plate Not only did this female take the parking place she parked at an angle and too 1/2 of the van access space. view
10/16/08 4:00p NashvilleTNNONE304 HYNDavidson county Tennessee license plate. Big white SUV parked in the CLOSEST H/C spot to the front door. Same old story for this store! Abuse is rampant view
10/18/08 2:00p NashvilleTNNONE378 TKFDavidson County Tennessee license plate. Same old story about this business. H/C parking abuse is rampant. view
10/18/08 2:00p NashvilleTNNONE820 RKTDavidson County Tennessee license plate. Same old story about this business. H/C parking abuse is rampant. view
07/17/08 11:15a BaltimoreMD886m202886m202Dawn and Jim Hawes uses her mothers tag they are not handicapped view
07/05/10 11:00a Glendale HeightsIL122853122853Dawn Peterson Lesiak has been using her ex husbands information Gravitt to get access to handicap plates, she is divoriced from him and no one in her household is handycap. It is a discrace and she needs stop abusing rights that arn't hers view
03/11/14 6:30a toledoOHnonefob 5985day 2 of this person who does not have a visible placard showing parking in a handicap spot. Notice given. 18508 view
07/14/10 3:00p garden cityNY?babs27day 4, as this person takes up a spot that can be used for one of our customers (who are all wheelchair bound). these actions are unacceptable and need to be stopped. she also enters each morning with mcdonalds (you would think she wants to walk it off) view
03/04/10 6:04a SterlingVAnonezpf1606day care view
09/25/13 7:30a GreensboroNCnonexss9611Daycare drop off, numerous people abuse the Handicapped spaces every day. Daycare does nothing about it. 17783 view
11/09/07 0:00a hockessinDEN O N E941982DE plate parking in the left side HC marked slot plum color pontiac sunfire gt between 11:50 and past 11:55 view
10/30/07 0:00a hockessinDEN O N E !960283DE plate-midnight blue 4 door Honda Civic LX with 2005 expired PA inspection stickers parked in right side handicapped slot between 11:55 and 12:05 (possibly more) on 10-30-07 view
11/04/07 0:00a wilmingtonDEN O N Exb69042DE Temp tag with 12-12-07 expiration date jet black pontiac g5 between 07:55 and 08:10(possibly later). couple seemed to be totally unconcerned regarding parking in one of two handicapped spaces near the amtrak station. view
12/23/07 10:30a blufftonSCnoneGIADA002dealer license plate on car...noticed individual running into apt complex. No decal. view
03/20/09 3:15p olneyMDnone1A50705dealer tag tan toyota 4 door parked in handicap spot no placard. view
03/19/08 1:00p Los AngelesCA1664VZY369Dear Sir or madame, This gentleman, Robert Davenport, has a handicapped parking pass- but i have seen him running and lifting and carrying heavy objects. i know he has fraudulantly obtained this pass. He claims to have a foot fungus- that is all! view
10/21/07 0:00a RaleighNCE10339KXZ2165Debbie McCleary uses deceased husband's placard. Husband died 3 years ago. view
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