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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Date Time Location State Placard# Lic Plate Comments
10/07/13 3:30p WoodsvilleNHNoneEFR 661Diagonally parked in two spaces, one of which was handicapped. 17807 view
02/12/09 1:00p PittsburghPADV89939DV89939Diane Smith is using a friends car (Red Ford Escort) that has a disabled veteran license plate and parking in a handicapped parking spot. As Manager of the United States Postal Service she should know better. view
06/24/09 9:15a FayettevilleARNone Shown877-IIZDid not display Handicapped License Plate and did not display Handicapped Placard Tag. view
10/09/07 0:00a El CerntroCAnocard3vvl567did not have a placard view
05/06/08 11:00a LumbertonNJnomeJHA 90HDid not have a placard. "Would be a minute". Gray sedan, later model. view
09/06/11 1:00a culver cityCAnone placed6EOJ210Did not have a valid placard. Ignored me twice when I asked for his permit. He took my spot. He didn't have a valid permit. I reported him to Culver City Police.He called me a ***** & backed into my car to escape getting a ticket.Had exp July 2011 tags Lexus 6EOJ210 13367 view
05/26/08 4:30p Surfside BeachSCnone228 1DYDid not have hadicap placard. Parked between two hadicapped spaces. Would be difficult or impossibe for handicap person to get wheel chair or scooter from their vehicle. 4931 view
03/13/09 0:00a FayettevilleARUnknown937-HISDid not have handicapped parking liscense plate and did not display a handicapped parking hanging placard. view
10/30/07 0:00a FargoND304442GOX470Did not look handicapped to me when going into the restaurant. Walked just fine. Don't understand the handicapped sign in that person's vehicle. view
10/14/07 0:00a Corinth/Lake DallasTXnone579 JVHdid not see view
10/14/07 0:00a Corinth/Lake DallasTXnone201 CWBdid not see view
07/04/08 9:30a MontoursvillePAno tagDBJ-2747Did not see anyone get out of the Black Monte Carlo LS. No placard in sight or symbol on the license plate. view
03/07/11 10:15p WarrenOHno placardECM 994Did not see anyone handicapped or place card. view
12/07/07 11:15a MiamiFLA4309462R344BWDid not see driver. Security says driver does not appear to be handicapped view
12/31/09 5:00p FAYETTEVILLENCNONENC XZE-899Did not see occupant(s) vehicle had no handicap tag or window placard displayed. 9275 view
01/18/10 0:50a NapaCAnone666FYD 887did not see occupants . there was a sale on in a record store...no one in the store appeared disabled. NO PLACARD!!! view
05/30/14 0:30p Upper ArlingtonOHNoneDED4451Did not see person. Car was parked in handicap spot when I arrived at GE and when I came out. I looked everywhere for a placard and there was not one. 18981 view
09/29/13 6:00p fredricksburgVAno placard numberniveusDid not see the actual number on the placard. A young kid parked across two handicapped spots and blocked the handicap ramp in front of a restaurant. When confronted, he was filthy in front of my 5 year old daughter. I have people in my family that use these spaces and when I see abuse I am polite and inquire. This kid definitely had issues. I view
03/27/08 12:00a PerryFLnoneJ34TUXDid not see the driver of this car. A white oldsmobile98. Fl tag # view
02/16/13 9:00a CasselberryFL7289739k28 7ksDid not see the Driver, but this is a construction work truck. 16255 view
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