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Date Time Location State Placard# Lic Plate Comments
03/28/13 8:00a east bostonMA? 969 evh969 evhCar is registered to a M Winton always parked with a placard displayed, A Family member of mine has a real placard and has spoken to reps that ran the plate and name and no placard has been issued view
03/08/15 7:00a somervilleNJp906315nkj-15fcar isn't registered to person using the car view
06/20/10 12:00a RaleighNCNoneRND3995Car Make: Hummer with NC Tags. She went into Starbucks. She had NO Handicapped Placard! view
08/30/10 3:15p Los AngelesCACA102429466KTU698Car owner is non-disabled, tall male using a friend's illegitimate disabled placard to park at meters at all hours of the day. The car is consistently parked at the same intersection every day at metered spots. 11081 view
05/12/10 8:00a San FranciscoCA963484I2SKF496Car owner works at 1257 Guerrero Street, but does not reside in the neighborhood which as permitted parking for residents. At first, no tag or permit on the car, now a tag which we believe is being used for free street parking. view
04/18/13 11:00a Los angelesCAA8863926CVY714Car parked all day everyday monday to saturday in 2 hour limit metered parking zone by owner of shoe business who is able bodied - preventing customers from parking conveniently for other businesses on the street (i.e. his neighbors) - Car is damaged from accident as well - does not look safe or road-worthy.....this is an ongoing abuse/ fraud, literally everyday, not a one time incident. (note - previous posting had incorrect licence plate number) 16663 view
04/13/08 2:00p AustinTX??BJL-316Car parked and 4 young, very healthy males exited the vehicle and entered the mall. I forgot to get the placard number, but I've enclosed a picture of one male and the car. 3923 view
02/15/10 6:00p South PortlandMENot KnownchevyimpalCar parked backwards while running entire time inside, 2 dogs inside. No person or placard onside. Person did not have any visablie disablities. Was there for over 30+ mins. view
07/18/14 4:00a san antonioTXNONEBJK4753Car parked blocking ramp. Owners name of car is Robert L Cortez DOB is October 10 1993. White 4 door 2006 KIA. 19290 view
05/25/08 5:00p ClarksvilleINnone195 AKCCar parked in a handicap space in the JC Penney parking lot. No handicap license plate or placard was visible. While sitting and waiting on someone, I saw two other vehicles do the same, and on was a young man who looked about 25. view
08/29/13 4:00p freeholdNJnonea32byxCar parked in a handicapped space with no placard or handicapped plates. view
10/01/14 8:00a SacramentoCAN4877204MCT764Car parked in apartment complex handicapped parking spot in front of office and driver left to walk to California State University at Sacramento about a 10 minute walk from car. Would like to know if placard is legit and and actual holder is the one using it. view
11/29/11 10:00a Granada HillsCAno placardHAIGcar parked in disability parking spot in front of Hair Encounter shop. at 10:10. Prevented my disabled client from parking in the spot. White Lexus view
10/29/08 1:00p Camp HillPAnoneDVB-5412Car parked in h/c spot with no placard or no h/c lic. plate, it's a shame that people with no problems park in h/c parking because they can not walk a few extra feet and a person with disability problems has to park down the lot. view
08/18/12 6:00p conshohockenPAnonegwj5143Car parked in handicap spot for another plate #. Car parked there reported to police and towed. Car returned topark spot. Car has no pd plates or hang tag. view
06/03/10 9:00a SacramentoCANo Placard3NQS961Car parked in handicap spot without a placard...next to another car parked in the white cross-section. Driver is a male, in mid-20s that is fully capable of walking an extra 10 feet from the street to his work. Parks in this spot everyday, all day. view
10/02/14 11:00a san pedroCANo placard7gsl140Car parked in handicap. No placard view
09/13/08 9:15p SpringfieldMONone9BJ38ECar parked in handicapped parking spot this morning, and again in the evening. Saw person leave in the morning and was not handicapped. Did not have a handicapped plate or placard. view
07/22/11 0:00a AlbuquerqueNMNone076 JSSCar parked in handicapped space in front of Dunkin Donuts. Told clerk in Dunkin Donuts and mentioned loud enough for customers to here that the car was illegaly parked and no one reacted. Checked for placard in the front and could not find one. Picture attrached view
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