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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Date Time Location State Placard# Lic Plate Comments
09/05/11 7:15p culver cityCAnone place6EOJ210Didn't have placard. Ignored me twice when I asked for his permit. He took my spot & went inside restaurant. I reported it to Culver City Police. He called me a ***** & backed into my car to escape before cops arrived. Had exp July 2011 tags Lexus 6EOJ210 13368 view
06/02/08 4:00p JacksonMSnone738J9Didn't see any handicapped placard tag on the mirror and nothing on the car tag to indicated that this car could use a handicapped parking space. But the car pulled into one & several healthy individuals hopped out of the car. Looked like a mom & her kids view
11/28/07 12:00a AntiochCANONE !!!!5RXS647Didn't see any handicapped sign or licence plate. There were enough regular parking spaces ! view
08/03/11 1:00p San FranciscoCA1551765YEW276Difficult to find street parking on our block but I'm so tired of my neighbors taking advantage of abusing handicap tags hanging inside their cars/trucks. This one certainly is NOT handicapped by any means but they get away with it. She told another neighbor that she has a "friend" at the DMV. Handicap placards are for the "handicapped" so please have some respect! view
12/05/08 1:00a MORENO VALLEYCADPV7747DPV7747DISABLBE LICENSE PLATE - INDIVIDUAL PARKED IN A REGULAR PARKING SPOT; PISSED OFF "NORMAL" PEOPLE, WALKED WITH A NORMAL GAIT AND DIDN'T SEEM TO CARE! (This is for all whiners ere who seem to like to complain about disabled drivers parking in diabled park view
12/10/08 8:00a So CalCANONEdpv7747Disabled driver, with CA disabled plates parks in regular parking spot, takes up parking for other drivers - why don't you use DISABLED parking spot like you're supposed to - quit abusing your parking privilege and leave NORMAL parking spots for us view
09/25/11 5:00p baltimoreMD02002eew90disabled husband does not physically live there. non-disabled wife and son drives the vehicle and utiltizes the parking space view
11/14/09 7:00a VancouverWA7064970649Disabled license Plate (DP), no tag in window. Location is a 24 hour fitness health club. Driver only occupant of vehicle. Driver observed using treadmill machine for periods in excess of 45 minutes. He is clearly not handicapped. This person has been previously reported. 8997 view
11/02/07 0:00a Playa Del ReyCAno tagK2231Disabled license plate and parked in handicapped spot---however, young person is the only one in the car and appears to have no reason to need the special space view
05/26/11 3:00p AgouraCA4758L4758LDisabled lisence plate. 2 fully capable women going into Starbucks. No one else in or near car. No one disabled. view
08/20/13 11:00a SFCAJ1667727BMA818Disabled permit good till 2015. Very physically fit man (DRIVER) only one in car. I watched as he performed a variety of physical activites w/o any sign of strain or problem. view
07/20/11 10:00a Corte MaderaCAD 9087026RGD042Disabled person card, expires June 30 2013, card number D 908702. Midnight blue BMW 550i, license plate 6RGD042, expires December 2012. White male, approximately late forties, short dark hair, average build, average height, driving a midnight blue BMW 550i, drove through a packed Corte Madera Village parking lot, pulled into a handicapped spot, the first spot across from the Cheesecake Factory, got out carrying what looked like a Nordstroms bag, walked briskly more than a few football fields into Nordstroms, was in Nordstroms less than 5 minutes and came back out again, walking just as briskly across the mall and parking lot, got back into his BMW and drove off. After he parked I took these two photos of his license plate and parking card. When he was walking back to his car, I tried to get a video of him. if you pause it, you can see him briefly getting into his car. I was a bit nervous, because I thought i recognized him as an old friend. I confronted the friend and he swears it was not him. In any case, I did manage to get a brief video of him entering his car to leave. Is it fraud to park in a handicapped spot if you personally are not handicapped, but the person that owns that car is? The car did not have handicapped plates that I could tell. It looked to me like this person was using someone else's handicapped parking privileges, but I can not be certain, since there does not seem to be a way for me to look up the card number and compare it to the license plate number. All I can say is that the guy that walked briskly through the parking lot was the driver and only passenger in the car and he did not appear to me to be in any way handicapped or needing that spot; seemed to me could have walked from several miles away if he was so inclined. view
08/17/08 12:00a worthingtonMNno tag displayedmn jbn4Disabled placard and/or license plate not displayed. view
07/22/14 1:00p EVERETTWAnoneACA3773disabled placard not shown. view
10/21/09 7:00a Turtle CreekPAunknown5664VDisplaying A P/D Plate with no visible Disability view
01/06/14 4:00p Lemon GroveCAnone6ZVK561Displaying a Temporary Handicapped Decal with handwritten date : Expires on May 2019 Temp. decal is only good for 6 months right? White Dodge Challenger or Charger view
12/08/07 12:00a FresnoCAN O N E5LEV352Dk Green Pontiac, 35 year old Hispanic male, got out and ran into the Jack In The Box view
10/17/07 0:00a OceansideCAnone5JFK441Dk. Green. Chevy Surburban Parked in Handicapped pkg at Wal-Mart. No DP plates or Placard. Driver young blond maybe late teens/early 20's view
01/29/12 6:00a WOODRIDGEILBE05440C560517Do not believe placard belongs to this woman, think that it is her husband's & she is using it to park here @ work. This handicapped spot currently has a cone blocking it from the local police dept, so she has parked right on the yellow lines instead of the other handicapped spot right on the other side of the front door to our building. 14102 view
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