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Date Time Location State Placard# Lic Plate Comments
01/29/10 12:00a versaillesKYnone774 GDXBlue Dodge Dakota PU parked in HC space with no visible HC tag or card view
01/31/09 4:00p e. norritonPAnonePA YVA-7Blue Dodge pick-up 4x4 w/plow mount; no handicapped placard or plate. Probably not the kind of vehicle a handicapped person would drive. view
12/06/11 11:15a arlingtonVAnaDEWUHEMIblue dodge pickup truck, repeat offender. north carolina tags in virginia. tried to speak to the individual on a no win basis. basically told me that he can park where ever he wants to and spat in my face. view
10/27/09 11:00a FairfaxVAnoneJVT 497Blue Dodge small wagon was parked in handicap space with no handicap license plate of hang tag displayed. view
12/11/07 1:30p WellingtonCONone717 EVHBlue Dodge Truck, Firefighter Plates. No Placard. view
01/03/08 0:30a HermitagePAUnknownFJS1582Blue Dodge Van with peeling paint parked illegally across the marked off cross walk for Handicap Vans with Wheelchair access at Wal-Mart. At the same time blocking in a legally parked vehicle making it difficult for other vehicle to exit. otal disregard. view
08/27/13 8:45a coon rapidsMN467150gpa n01blue dodge van; female driver. needed to park as close as possible. no noticeable problems with walking nor gate nor shopping mobility view
08/16/13 0:00p EdgartownMANone00002NCBlue E350 Mercedes. Woman (real rich ***** type) returned to car with boutique type shopping bags. I said you are parked in a handicapped spot. She just shrugged it off. What a moron. Just shows that money can't buy class. view
02/03/12 5:30p RaleighNCNONEVWK2216Blue Ecuador/No HP Tag, NCLP# VWK2216 parked in HCP. Two BF late 30s/early 40s and 2 Black Girls appx 10-12 years old ambulated well into/around inside retail store shopping without resp/cardiac or physical handicaps noted. Adults showing young girls total disrespect of handicap parking. view
04/12/08 7:00p AustinTXnone29R-ZZ5Blue F-150 single cab...no placard...REPEAT OFFENDER...able walking young women parks in one of two desinated parking spaces!!! view
12/22/07 0:30a daytonOHno placardefg4508Blue Ford view
06/29/08 11:30a El PasoTXnoneV49VJWBlue Ford 1998ish Taurus SE. view
02/15/08 11:00a Commerce cityCOnone753GFOBlue ford economy Pickup parked in H C slot view
12/04/08 0:30a VersaillesKYna397 HGBlue Ford Escape wagon in HC space with no visible tag or card view
03/18/14 9:00a AustinTXB02480991PCYS3716Blue Ford Escape, due to lack of parking at this commercial location a lot of people/employees have suddenly appeared with handicap parking placards that did not have placards before. They are parking in the front of the building and then walk all the way to the side of the building which is quite a ways away to use the employee entrance. These individuals do not appear to be handicap in the least and are taking parking spaces away from an individual who is in a wheelchair and really is handicapped. view
05/13/08 3:15p BrocktonMANone578 4NLBlue ford escort was parked in the H/C parking space in front of CVS, south main St. With no H/C plackard or H/C plate on it. view
05/17/08 2:00p BridgewaterMANone864 BHZBlue Ford Escort was parked in the H/C parking space in front of the Bridgewater Ice Skating Rink, without a H/C plate or H/C plackard displayed on this viechle view
04/24/08 4:45p MaryvilleTNNoneTN 831 PNBlue Ford Excursion view
12/08/08 0:00p Santa ClaritaCANone4MBK296Blue Ford Expedition with big man pulls in and uses this spot to load clothes from his Dry Cleaners. What an A$$. I called him on it and he said he would move. I told him too late, because he was already an a$$! This is NOT A LOADING ZONE you ahole! view
11/28/08 2:00p Santa ClaritaCANone4MBK296Blue Ford Expedition, pulls up in front of SCV Cleaners @ 26539 Golden Valley Road. Husky (healthy) guy proceeds to carry armfuls of cleaning out to his truck! Using as a loading zone! What an ***! view
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