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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Date Time Location State Placard# Lic Plate Comments
07/27/13 5:30p ItascaILnonep605804Delivering pizza. Parks in the handicap spot, puts flashers on. gets out to deliver his pizza. Plenty of regular spots available. view
01/04/14 3:30p ItascaILnonedetric1Delivering pizza. Plenty of regular spots to park in. view
07/12/14 7:00p ItascaILnoneh375366Delivering pizzas view
07/23/14 4:00p ItascaILnoner356940Delivering pizzas. Plenty of open spaces to park instead of parking in the handicap. view
03/24/13 5:30p ItascaILnonemp4883Delivering pizzas. Plenty of regular spaces but he had to park in the diagonal spot next to the handicap. view
06/04/13 5:30p ItascaILnonex343690Delivery girl making a delivery parks in the handicap spot with flashers on even though there are other available spots. view
08/17/12 6:00p ItascaILnonel447890Delivery guy parked in the accessible spot. Plenty of spots around to park. view
05/25/13 5:00p ItascaILnone1829407Delivery guy repeatedly parks in the handicap spots. view
05/12/13 6:15p ItascaILnonen180551Delivery guy. 2nd time he's done this. Called the Rosatti's that he works for and they said they would talk to him. Obviously he didn't listen. view
06/30/12 4:00p ItascaILnonepacton5Delivery man. Parked in accessible spot even though there were plenty of regular spots nearby to park. view
04/17/13 8:15p HoustonTXnone104-1415 Tdelivery truck parked over three handicapped spaces. view
03/26/11 1:00p Bevelry HillsCA316990 A4ZNK654Denise Bitidis had foot surgery several years ago and at that time she needed a handicap permit. For over a year she has been working out and running up and down stairs and does no longer have any foot issues. She still uses her handicap permit. The permit expires June 2011. Please do not renew. view
08/01/14 8:00a CHANDLERAZ06560S565CJWDenise J Guillen is not handicapped. She parks in the employee handicapped parking every day. view
06/07/12 2:00p NASHVILLETN943349A158HRKDenise Thompson is a grandmother of a handicap child. She works for Radiology Alliance 8:30 am - 5:00. She parks in the handicap space during work hours for herself view
07/02/08 7:00a AustinTX7182JR017 WHRDept of Transportation checks drivers licenses, etc., on its employees but allows fradulent handicapped parking at its own headquarters. Employee Jamie Robinson has been using her deceased father's handicapped parking placard for a whole year, every day! view
03/01/10 6:45a SuitlandMDnone0343HDept. of Homeland Security SUV parked in handicapped spot next to guard station. Chatting it up with guard. 9828 view
04/02/12 10:00a wacoTX?22nnl9detention officer by the name of lilly that parks in a handicapped spot every day that she works. her job duties are not one that a handicapped person would be able to perform. view
10/07/13 3:30p WoodsvilleNHNoneEFR 661Diagonally parked in two spaces, one of which was handicapped. 17807 view
02/12/09 1:00p PittsburghPADV89939DV89939Diane Smith is using a friends car (Red Ford Escort) that has a disabled veteran license plate and parking in a handicapped parking spot. As Manager of the United States Postal Service she should know better. view
06/24/09 9:15a FayettevilleARNone Shown877-IIZDid not display Handicapped License Plate and did not display Handicapped Placard Tag. view
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