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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Handicapped Parking Fraud

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Date Time Location State Placard# Lic Plate Comments
01/07/08 9:15a Great FallsMTnot visablAAJ 122complete placard number was not visable, however the expiration date was Oct 2002 . The 2002 were it was circled had been rubbed out but was not totally erased. While others waited this abuser took up space. view
03/12/13 11:00a PittsburghPA878902PJBF1152Completely able bodied coworker uses her mother's placard every day to park in one of 3 handicap spots at elementary school. view
10/17/12 0:00p Redwood CityCAunkown1zzy418Completely able young Asian male walking back to car. No visible handicap (nor visible walking impediment). view
04/27/13 8:00p Woodland HillsCA862609WILDWEXCompletely full parking lot at restaurant. Young healthy man took out placard from glove box and parked in only available spot close to restaurant. 16747 view
10/23/08 7:45a Los AngelesCA7322936AWC121Completely healthy businessman carrying heavy bags, including laptop bag, without any problems, and walked out of mini cooper and into office building. 6183 view
07/17/14 9:00a PlanoTXNoneDY5L992Complex does no enforcement. Pics sent complaints made. Police will do nothing unless complex calls them. Red Volvo parked in front of Bldg. #11. view
11/23/10 6:00a west chesterOR804826pdosboysConctsnt misuse. This person has a hanicap placard but is not handicapped. Goes into the gym and plays racquetball. view
12/05/07 9:15p MIAMIFLA6239626I92JAYCondo building with plenty of violators view
10/14/11 11:15a Colorado SpringsCOnone003 URAConfronted a soldier who parked her red car in the handicapped spot, without any sort of tag at all. She grew rude and vocal, slinging profanity like water. I tried calling Fort Carson, but they claimed lack of jurisdiction and CSPD doesn't respond to these violations anymore. Black female, approximately 5'5" and wasn't even wearing her cover (hat) per regulations. Disrespectful in the extreme. view
09/03/08 3:00p BRATTLEBOROVTno cardBWG 232consistantly parks in the handicap parking space for hours on end. young woman, no handicaps other than being inconsiderate. view
03/13/12 10:01a Woodland HillsCAA5150916mvc042Consistent parking abuse. individual shows no traits of being handicap by definition. Also, individual has been provided a parking spot next to elevator but doesn't use it as assigned. this parking spot is for handicap guests. 14395 view
07/19/14 8:00a OAKLANDCAH0850157AZJ189Consistently parks his car in a temporary parking location which is made with the intent of loading and unloading only. Person parks for days at a time not allowing persons that need to use the space access. Also, when they do park, they use the loading space so the other parking place does not have sufficient space to exit their car 19301 view
11/02/07 0:00a PittsburgCANONE5XWU835Consolidated Security vehicle was parked in the handicap spot, closets to the front. Nobody was in the vehicle. I guess they need it more than me ! Good advertising for the security ! view
08/04/12 9:42a Woodland HillsCAa5150916mvc042constant abuse, not handicap. placard does not belong to this person view
10/16/14 10:00a Long BeachCAcannot see7ABY015Constant continuous abuser. 19880 view
03/04/13 7:00p SparksNVA436635388 xmnConstant parking in handicapped space then walking briskly into apartment carrying large itmes such as dog and carpets hoisted onto shoulder. Drives other vehicle on wekend in order to not loose spot. Sees ligitimately handicapped person who uses cane leave spot and rushes to move his vehicle to the spot. view
05/26/08 1:30a SAN ANTONIOTXNONE186 DJR TConstant problem at this Home Depot store, The violaters are never checked or reported. This is a Mini-Cooper. Car was in this space for about 1 1/2 hours. 4846 view
01/14/11 4:15p LaurelMDDT94456KNY 397Constant repeat offender. view
10/13/08 8:15a BostonMAnonenoneConstruction crane parked in HP spots in office/financial district with an expired city permit (why did the city allow them to park it there anyway? The crane is being used a block down the street during normal workdays). view
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